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December 10, 2012

William asks…

I’m moving to dallas soon, should i save up and get an apt first then find a job or find a job and get an apt?

I have no idea which way I should go first, I wanna get out of here, I just graduated the university and I wanna start my career. Should I just go ahead and get my apartment first?

Administrator answers:

In Dallas there are a number of long term places you can stay at until you get established. (Homestead Suites, Studio Plus. Extended Stay America) You can get a monthly rate from them and you won’t need to worry about utilities and such, and have a kitchen to use until you get on your feet. Probably a better idea than having to sign a lease for a place (which most apartment places require a 6 month or 12 month lease) and getting stuck. You may find out that the area you start out in is not where you end up needing to live. You may find a job on one side of the city and are living on the other side. And with gas prices and traffic, you will want to live as close to work as you can.

Move there, then start your job search. There are a lot of apartment finder places in Dallas that will help you find a place after you get established.

Ruth asks…

What Yearly salary ( after state and federal taxes) would you think be enough to live a comfortable life?

A nice apt. and entry level luxury car and such. AFTER TAXES

Administrator answers:

An entry level luxury car already puts you above COMFORTABLE. The yearly average wage in the US is currently around $43,000 before taxes. That’s not comfortable for a family, bearable for a single.

Unfortunately, outgo always increase with the income. Are you comfortable with a dial telephone, dial-up internet, no cell phone, and a regular stove? Do you NEED the upgrade or HAVE TO HAVE the upgrade? Can you pay for the upgrade? Do you shop for clothing at WalMart, Macy’s or Nieman-Marcus? Do you buy furniture at Target, IKEA, or from a design studio? If you want more, you’ll need more, and you’ll be unsatisfied. Find something to do with your life that you WANT and the rest, hopefully, will follow. Don’t go looking for the money as the most important thing.

And I’ve been very comfortable with two combined at $90,000. A larger proportion gets to go to the fun stuff.

Paul asks…

Do you have experience with having a baby in a one-bedroom apt?

My boyfriend and i are expecting in august and looking for a place. It seems like a one bedroom is the best for our budget. If you have done this, where did you put the baby? Was it a strain on your relationship?

Administrator answers:

I am having a baby in a studio with my husband. We live in NYC so the prices here are just too outrageous and we have student loans so we are going to make it work this way. Plus you have to consider that back in the olden days a lot of people did live in 1 bedrooms, especially in europe. We arent that worried about it, also consider that the baby is pretty much glued to you most of the time anyways, most of them dont even sleep in cribs and mentioned.

We plan on having sex in the other parts of the house, no big deal really imo.

Our studio has a seperate kitchen though and is like 500sq Ft, so it isnt tiny enough for us to justify a rent increase just yet.

David asks…

What are the most important expenses to consider when renting a unit for the first time?

I am seriously considering moving out of home but I am worried I may not be able to afford it. What sort of things might I be overlooking when I consider how much money i’ll need week to week?

Administrator answers:

Heating Bill, Electric Bill, Water Bill, Sewer Bill, Trash Bill. Do you want a home phone or is your cell phone enough. How about Cable TV, or internet service. Don’t forget rent, is off street parking included, or is that extra. The size ,type, and location of the apartment will make these bills fluctuate on the seasons and usage. If you take long hot showers your water, sewer and heating bill will be higher.
I am a landlord in Erie PA, my tenants pay anywhere from $350 a month for a studio, up to $900 a month for a three bedroom plus there own heat and electric, cable & phone. The single girl in the studio apt has an electric bill of $65 a month and a gas bill average of $98 a month (it gets cold here in the winter). So he basic expenses are around $500 a month.
Hope this helps you. Maybe mom and dad aren’t so bad after all ?

Lisa asks…

What is the best free standing air conditioner?

Should I get the one with the most BTU’s? I like a very cool and comfortable environment and want something that will work in a rental with casement windows (the kind that crank outwards) and with a sliding glass door.
I would like to use it in multiple rooms. which is why I am interested in a portable AC unit. The largest room is about 800 square feet and the smallest is 361 square feet.

Administrator answers:

When i needed to get one last year i did a search online for what to look for & these were the features suggested:

1-quiet/low noise
2-wheels – mobile [portable a/c can be 80+lbs
3-btu - at least 12,000+ and this is based on square footage for the area to be cooled; generally i found the higher the btus the more $$$
4-self evaporation/dehumidifier
5-dual hoses
6-remote control
7-programmable [12/hr timer]
8-auto restart
9-water bucket
10-2 to 3 speeds
11-EER/energy star at least 12.63

i found my portable online [i forget where]
its an AMCOR PLM 14000E[see link below]

has 140000 BTUs for 400+ sq ft

after shopping around online the lowest price i was able to find [JUNE 2007] was $465 inclusive

if i had been able to purchase during the cold weather months i think i could have gotten an even better price -
but it works; doesn’t leak – only had to empty the water bucket 2ce b/t june and october

once i got it – it ran constantly from june to september
i like the design
and it actually cools my entire studio apt!

The other brands i researched:

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