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December 14, 2012

David asks…

What questions must I ask when looking for an apartment?

I’m looking for 1 bedroom apt. or studio in the less than $600 range.
In Chicago, IL.

Administrator answers:

Well the easiest way to look for apartments these days is just by searching the internet. You have resources like,, and that offer an array of options. The first three sites give you a list of all the ammenities and is good for showing smaller properties. First you need to make your own list of what is important to you.

Do you have pets? What size apartment do you want? What area of town? Are there areas you definitely don’t want to live in? Do you need parking? Gym? Pool? Any bills paid?

A lot of sites let you choose the price range and then it does the work for you. Watch out for deposit amounts. Some places gouge you on deposits and most of the time you don’t get them back because you can never prove they did or did not need the deposit money when you left.

The next step is actually going to the facilities and checking things out. Its important to drive around in the area the apartment is located. Are there any grocery stores nearby? Gas stations? Any other type of store you will want close by? How do the other houses/apartments nearby look? You want a place that is well kept with good neighbors nearby, whether it be businesses, apartments or houses.

It also helps to ask what the average 1 bedroom apartment pays in water, electricity and gas each month. Don’t forget to ask what kind of cable service they get because I know in Houston, where I live, certain areas get different types of cable, some lesser quality than others. Ask if it is internet ready as well. This may not be as important as the other questions, but if it comes close between two places, that might push you in one direction. Is it cable ready? Will you have to have someone come out to get the place ready for cable? Are there cable outlets in the bedroom? Also look for the number of electrical outlets. Check out all the appliances in the apartment.

Ask if there is a laundry facility onsite, or even better if they have them in the unit, but for $600, chances are there won’t be. Anyway, hope that helps!

Richard asks…

Does anyone know of any places that have studio apartments available in North Seattle, prederably northgate?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know to what extent you’ve looked on craigslist already but it’s definitely the best resource for finding housing in Seattle. A quick search reveals that there are at least a few studio apt in the Northgate area.

A thing to know about the area though is that it’s definitely more houses than apt complexes so you might do better to rent a room or part of a house. It’s definitely cheaper. Good Luck.

Daniel asks…

Where to find furnished apartments in Bangkok?

I need to rent a furnished apt in Bangkok for 2 months. Looking for something roughly in the 15000 Baht/mo range (+/- some) hopefully including AC & Internet.

Any thoughts on places, neighborhoods, or where to look online?

Administrator answers:

Many apartments and all serviced apartments in Bangkok will be furnished. Your problem is that most of the best deals require a lease, normally for a year. Serviced apartments are what you might want to look for as serviced apartments have monthly rates and don’t require a lease although they will be more expensive for what you get. You should be able to find a furnished studio or 1 bedroom apt. In a decent area for 15,000 baht per month. Near a skytrain or MRT (subway) station is always good for ease of getting around, the prices can drop dramatically the further away you are from the most central areas. This website has many serviced apartments for rent that don’t require a lease, good luck:

I do agree that word of mouth is the best way to find a place though. Check Craigslist Thailand, too.

Michael asks…

Would like to live on Culebra Island, Puerto Rico. How much would I be spending for a 1 bedroom apartment?

Does not need to be fancy and can even be a studio apartment. A kitchen would be nice. I would like to stay awhile and would not consider myself as a tourist.

Administrator answers:

Here is a website where you can plug in the area you are looking for in Puerto Rico, as well as a summary website with links to other rental services. However, Culebra Island is mainly a tourist destination and owners are trying to cash in on that and want to rent their place by the week or even by the day at rates of 3-4 times the price of standard apartment units.


Carol asks…

How much do you pay for rent?

and what are you paying for? 2 bdrm, studio, house?

Administrator answers:

I’ve paid $550 for a 1brm in atlanta surburb
$675 for a 2br apr in a Atlanta suburb
$850 for a 2br townhouse in a atlanta suburb
$850 for a 1br apt outside baltimore, md

Maryland is high

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