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December 15, 2012

Donna asks…

Can I some how install Grub 1 after installing linux distros based on grub 2?

Because I am having a serious trouble with grub 2 on my dell Studio 1558.
I am using Mint 7.

Administrator answers:

What Linux distribution are you using?
Assuming it’s Ubuntu:

Open a terminal:

Make backup copies of the main GRUB 2 folders & files. (Optional)

sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.old
sudo cp -R /etc/grub.d /etc/grub.d.old
sudo cp -R /boot/grub /boot/grub.old

Remove GRUB 2

sudo apt-get purge grub2 grub-pc

The system will be unbootable until another bootloader is installed.
Once the packages are removed, many files will still remain in ‘/boot/grub’

Install GRUB 0.97

sudo apt-get install grub

With grub installed, the user must still create the menu.lst and stage1/stage2 files by running the following two commands.

Sudo update-grub

Generates menu.lst ; Tab to “Yes” when prompted.

Sudo grub-install /dev/sdX

Choose the correct device (sda, sdb, etc), normally the one on which Ubuntu is installed.

Creates the stage1 & stage2 files in /boot/grub and writes to the MBR.

Run this command to keep it from upgrading automatically:

echo “grub hold” | sudo dpkg –set-selections


** Please note that messing around with the bootloader is never a good idea, as you might make your system unbootable.
If you have issues with Grub, perhaps you should post a question on how to fix your current issues, instead of downgrading.

Paul asks…

My old building came with an old water boiler, can I replace it with a typical large volumn water heater?

The boiler is only for domestic hot water usage of an 11 unit studio apt. building

Administrator answers:

It would probably have to be a commercial type 100 gallon water heater but I see no reason why you couldn’t. How many bathrooms? How many kitchens? How many laundry rooms? How many tenants total? You may have to use 2.

Betty asks…

What is the cost of living in Dublin? Specifically, rentals, food cost, conveyance?

I am specifically looking to know the rent for a studio / 1-bed apartment about 30 mins travel from Dublin Post Code 2.

How is the public transport facilities there? How much does it cost per month?

How much would be the grocery bill per month?

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking for somewhere about 30 mins travel form there I’d advise moving to Kildare or Meath, you can then commute on the train or bus, both are very frequent. Otherwise you are going to end up paying a fortune for food, fuel and rent in Dublin. It is VERY expensive in comparison to out a bit!
I can’t comment on other Counties but I know that public transport in Kildare & Carlow is wonderful especially for those commuting to Dublin.
You will get a bus or train every 15 – 20 mins to the city at rush hours morning and evening.
Rent for a one bed apt will vary anywhere from €650 – €900. This is for the counties mentioned above, Dublin could be anywhere up to €1200 for that one bed, particuluarly the area you are looking at which is city centre.
Groceries will cost in the region of €50 per week for one person.
And also bills will add but electricity isn’t that expensive, I pay around €130 every 2 months (that’s 2 people ina 1 bed apt.)

Hope that helps, mail me if you need anymore info and I’d be glad to help.

David asks…

How much are studio apartments in Chicago and the surrounding areas?

I am planning to eventually move to Chicago from out in California and I am trying to see about how much money I will have to make monthly. The area doesn’t really matter as long as it has access to the El.

Administrator answers:

400 to 2300
You may like this one:

Studio Apartment
$ 700.00 per month.
4107 N. Kedzie — Big, sunny ready-for-move-in 2-1/2 room studio apartment with hardwood floors and huge walk-in closet! Close to Metra, Brown and Blue Line “El” train stops, … More
Available Now!
Contact Us For More Information And/Or Set Up An Appointment To Take A Look!
This is the contact form:

I do not know where you are at in California, but I do not know anyone who will live ANYWHERE in the greater Chicago area.

Sandra asks…

Bath or shower SURVEY WHICH is for you?

You are being displaced to a nice studio apt temporarily.

It isnt cheap, but affordable.

You have your choice of tub or shower and the extras.
What do you require in a bathroom to feel at home.

If important include stuff like
Grab bar, or wall mounted toiletpaper holder etc
10 quick points

Administrator answers:

I hate baths. You’re sitting in yout own filth!
And sitting in soap & filth is not healthy for us females–our female PARTS, that is.
I want a stand up shower with a seat. I want one of them hose type sprayers that you can take off the hook & spray down the tub or use to wash something in the shower.
I want NO ledges to put the soap or shampoo on. I will put my stuff on a rack that hangs over the sprayer.
I would want a spring-loaded shower curtain with a white liner.
I would like a shower with a drain plug. And I’d want separate hot & cold handles.
I would like my tub to be ceramic & tile, not one of them ‘bath fitters’ plastic deals.
I would want one of them bathroom tissue holders that are not spring-loaded, I want the one that flips up to put a new roll on.
I don’t like fru-fru stuff like commode seat covers.
I would like a commode that has the water tube going to the wall, not the floor–easy to get my steam mop behind it.
I do not care for medicine cabinets, or mirrors over the sink. The mirrors get toothpaste on them when I brush my teeth. I could have a floor-length mirror on the back of the door.
I would like a sinktop that is big enough for my toothpaste & stuff.

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