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December 18, 2012

Sharon asks…

Is there anyone that can recommend a hotel in Manila?

I will stay for one month and I want a hotel that is clean and a descent standard.
It is important that the price is overcoming and its near by Makati City, Metro Manila.

Administrator answers:

I stay at the Pearl Garden when I have to go to Manila. Under $50 and very nice. Clean. Good service.
For a month I would look for something with a kitchenette. Perhaps a studio apt.
Cheaper by far.
The Pearl would be a good base to look for less expensive and closer to where you need to be. Consider transportation.

James asks…

how long does it take a typical cleaner to clean a studio, a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom in nyc?

just wanted to know because i’m debating whether to recommend my cleaning lady to the rest of my family. also, what is the usual cost without laundry? thanks!
actually, typically apartments in nyc are smaller.

Administrator answers:

Cleaned very well? 3 hours

Half assed? 1 hour

I get paid $22.00 dollars an hour and no laundry but it looks as if its a new apartment/house when I am done. It takes me 3 hours to clean an 800 sq. Foot Apt. = $66.00

Thomas asks…

Do you feel inferior when you meet somebody of the opposite seks who is richer than you?

When that person is attractive,

And seems to be better socialized than you, happier than you, has more money – and more importantly better BREEDING – more calm and contented mannerisms, a much more sophisticated air, seemingly effortless charm and sociability –

When these things add up plus the person is shmexy, does it make you feel inferior?

Administrator answers:

Quit compairing yourself to others and you would have a much more pleasant time with others of a higher economic level than you. I live in a studio apt but have friends who live in 2 story houses. Its all a state of mind.

Ken asks…

how do i get the maximum space and function in my new apartment?

moving into a new apartment. its 640 square ft and i need advice on how to make it home but not too cluttered! thanks!

Administrator answers:

Hi! I’m a professional organizer and the solution is easy. Go vertical.
Make sure to use your walls as much as you can. Wait to hang pictures and decorative items until you are done with storage and arranging furniture. Get a tall bookcase — not just one with 2 shelves.
Use hooks in every room/area. Use the back of closet doors, bathroom doors, etc. To hang pocket organizers. Keep like items together. If your place is a studio apt., create zones for each of your activities such as office/bedroom/kitchen and try to keep these areas separated. Out of season clothes can also be stored under the bed in tightly sealed containers or up high on a closet shelf. You can access them as needed. Hope this helps!

Robert asks…

What are some good websites for graphic designers to upload their work?

I know their some websites that lets u upload your own grahic designing work you have done. like a portfolio. Which ones are good? I’m a graphic designer and im still in the process of learning how to create a website so in the mean time i just want a portfolio. Can somebody help me!? Thank you in advance!


Administrator answers:

Two places, you should probably have a portfolio in both places: — a bit more eclectic this site caters to commercial artists as well as fine artists — this is focused on design and advertising professionals, design studios are more apt to look for candidates here, the site is part of Communication Arts (CA) magazine.

I am a designer/ad guy with 25+ years experience. I’ve hired people and found jobs using both of these sites.

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