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December 21, 2012

Helen asks…

what do they mean by efficiency apartment?

is that like a one bedroom apt? smaller than? missing appliances or bathroom? does it differ between companies?

Administrator answers:

An efficiency (or studio) apartment is smaller than a 1 bedroom, because everything is in one room other than bathroom and closet(s). You would either have a sofa bed, or the efficiency I had when I first started working had twin beds with covers, and bolsters to put against the wall, so you could use them like a sofa. One of the twin beds slid partially under a corner furniture piece where you could put pillows, etc. There is typically a breakfast bar with stools in front of the kitchen area, and kitchen appliances may be a combination unit with refrigerator, sink, and stove all built into one counter.

Sharon asks…

which is the best way to rent a studio?…?

I need to rent a studio (1 bedroom, reasonable price all bills inclusive) and have got no time to check out all the variants. If someone knows a reliable agency…Help, help!
… and by city I mean London.

Administrator answers:

Find the area you like, find an apt in that area, get the right price and go for it on a month to month rental agreement

Sandra asks…

Is there a way I can support myself by only working part time?

I’m a full time college student, so I only have time to work part time. Is there somewhere I can work that will pay enough for me to move out of my parents home? At my current job I work between 20-30 hours a week but it’s not enough to move out. How much would I have to make per hour working that much in Los Angeles County (more specifically the San Fernando Valley)?

Administrator answers:

Highly unlikely a part-time job will cover basic living expenses. Calculate current rents for a room or studio apt., plus utilities (read the want ads in the LA Times!). Add your car payment, repairs & maintenance, gas, etc, or the cost of a monthly bus pass. Add costs of working (transportation to & from work, dry cleaning & shoe repair, lunches at work, uniforms if needed for the job, etc). Add costs of school – books, supplies, incidentials as well as tuition & fees. Add necessities like medical & dental check-ups, prescriptions if you need them, etc. Add personal expenses (toothpaste and all that), household expenses (dish detergent, light bulbs & such), laundry, groceries — these are all things you will have to skimp on once you fix the cost of an apt.

Only after you have your budget can you or anyone else tell you how much you have to earn to pay for it. Don’t forget to deduct taxes from gross because you only get NET income to pay bills. For a rough guess, subtract at least one-third of gross to guess at net. E.g. $600/week gross is roughly $400/wk net for a single person.

Richard asks…

What should i do to my room to make it look awesome?! right now its only white?

right now its only white and i want it to look cool and bright u know

Administrator answers:

Depends on a lot of things…what kind of room do you have (bedroom, studio apt, etc)…what kind of things do you plan to do in the room (sleep only, have guests, study, work, etc)…what kind of personal style do you have (bright and bold, modern, traditional, monochromatic, eclectic, etc)…what kind of budget do you have to work with…can you use paint…can you hang artwork…can you change lighting?

I’d suggest you look through some home decorating magazines and find pictures of rooms that appeal to you and then start designing your space based on those.

Ken asks…

Does anyone remember the prices of apartments on Park Avenue in the 1970s?

I’ve read in “The Last Tycoons” that in the 1970s an apartment on Park Avenue cost $70.000. How much does an apartment there cost today, like $1.500 000? That would be a 20fold increase, which sounds incredible, even when considering that New York in the 1970s was in a crisis and that it’s much safer today.

Administrator answers:

I was in NY in the 1970s but dont know about Park Avenue prices. I had a rent-stabilized studio apt for $200. An apartment can cost $5 to $10 million or rent for more than $5000 a month. I know that from watching Selling New York on HGTV. The crisis in NY was the city services not the real estate.

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