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December 23, 2012

Carol asks…

anyone know whats the best window treatment for me to get?

I have two windows in my studio and tehy are big and older type windows deep an high the triming like a brown kinda looks grey as well um…. i dont want boring white blinds so what should i try to do with them i want them to stand out cause they are the only two and big I like them brings out all the light in the apt.
i will try that out thanks oh yeah the trim is great and big

Administrator answers:

Roman shades would look great. Make sure you don’t cover up any of the wood trim work because older homes usually have great wood trim details.

Richard asks…

What to look for in a good tatto/piercing parlor?

Im interested in getting a belly button piercing and was wondering what to look for in a good shop and if there are any that you know of in south san diego. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Quoted from Jagerick: Piercer, 3D body modification artist, member APT and APP, President Church of Body Modification

I have been having some people ask me for references to shops in their area. Unfortunately, there are some areas where I do not know of a shop to recommend. So I am posting this to give you some pointers as to what to look for when going to a shop to get worked on.

First thing. When you walk in the door, what does the shop look and smell like? It should be clean and neat looking. It should smell clean, you know that doctors office/hospital smell. The studio should be well lit and maintained.

Second thing. What do the people working there look like? Are they clean and neat? Do they look like they just came from working on a car? Are their nails clipped and clean? Or do they have dirt under them? They might be heavily modified and have a unique style, but they can still be clean.

Third thing. Ask to see their autoclaves and spore test results. The autoclave is the ONLY thing that is appropriate to sterilize tools and jewelry in a shop environment. Period. A spore test is the ONLY way to ensure that the autoclave is working properly. Preferably they are testing them weekly. If not, at least every other week. Monthly in my opinion is not enough. That can leave upwards of 7 weeks inbetween tests. That is too long. OSHA mandates that these are tested weekly by an outside monitering service. Mine is done by SPS Medical.

Fourth thing. Ask to see their portfolios. What does their work look like? Are all of their pictures of fresh piercings/tattoos? Or do they have healed pictures in there? Most people will have some fresh pictures in there, but what you really want to see is healed work. Anyone can put something in and make it look good for 5 minutes, but can they put it there so that it will look good when healed?

Fifth thing. Overall attitude and feeling. Do they have a good attitude and give off good feelings to you? Did they answer all of your questions and not give you attitude about it? Or were they rude and act like they didn’t have time for you? Did they act like you weren’t worth their time because you weren’t getting the most hardcore work done?

Chris asks…

how will I learn how to play the drums?

without a drumset? :(
the easiest and fastest way to learn?
and if I am going to buy drumsticks, what kind? or brand?

Administrator answers:

Without a drumset…you can can use drumsticks, headphones with your tape, CD or IPOD and a small Drum practice pad. I have a REEL FEEL practice pad I use at home because I can’t play drums in my apt due to the neighbors.

You can also check out local rehearsal studios in your area and see if they have drumsets to use too. Or play drums on a friends drum set if they have one too. Hope this helps…keep on drumming!

Michael asks…

what part of Los Angeles do people live for the entertainment industry?

I know heaps of people live or move to LA for the entertainment industry but what part of LA? which city?

Administrator answers:

All over LA, from Malibu to Pasadena and every where in between, including the valley.

In part it might depend on where they work. Like if one works at studios in Burbank, they might live in Pasadena, Glendale, Hollywood Hills, Burbank or Toluca Lake. If one works at Sony in Culver City, they might live some place on the westside of LA.

Another consideration is money. I know people in entertainment who work in Beverly Hills, lived in an apt on the westside, but moved to Eagle Rock (LA near Pasadena) when they decided to buy a home, because that’s where they could afford to buy.

So, everywhere in LA. = )

Jenny asks…

What happens if a studio has the same name as other ones?

I was trying to come up with my studio name when i was like ok i got it. Through the Lens… So i thought i would loook it up. and Several places have the same name…

What happens next? Should I continue with the name or find another one.

The website adress would be different from theres (just saying)

Administrator answers:

Normally, as long as they are not in your state then there shouldn’t be a problem (otherwise all of the AAA Lock/cleaning/plumbing/etc in every different state would have issues).

The best thing to do is spend the money on an hour with a good business lawyer who specializes in film & photography businesses. They would be better apt to handle your questions with an authority that you can’t get from strangers on the internet.

Just because you may not find another photographer with that name near you on the internet doesn’t mean they don’t exist (not every company uses the internet). I paid the lawyer to have a name search done (the closest similar name was 1500 miles away), and then I registered the company name in my state.

I once tried to save money by using forms I found on the internet…They were almost useless when the judge got hold of them (“this one is useless, this one doesn’t apply in this state, I don’t understand what this one is trying to say, etc”). Ever since then, I prefer to let the “legal eagles” do it the right way for me.

Good luck

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