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December 24, 2012

Ruth asks…

How much would it cost to live in Los Angeles for a person to live close to Jules stein Eye institute?

Hi, I am going to do a fellowship in Jules Stein Eye institute for a year starting in July 2007. My position is not funded and I have to support my self during this job. I was wondering how much would it cost to live for a single person in area close to this hospital, I mean walkable distance or very short commutable distance.

Thanks in advance
I would like to know about the average rent for a single bed studio flat

Administrator answers:

I have got a lot of friends that went/are still in school at UCLA for undergrad and grad school and they spend at least $20k for living expenses each. I helped couple of them look for apts and move in, and the lowest for a studio apt is about $800-$850, I mean this place was small, one bedroom apartment is about $1100 or so. Short commuting distance would mean about $100 off of the mention cost, but dont expect too much within a 10 minute drive during peak traffic hours, the place is right between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, so you are pretty squeezed in by cost. If you do decide to get a place and decide to get a car make sure you have parking provided for you by the hospital and at your apartment, or you are looking at couple hundred dollars for parking at work and about $75-100 for a parking spot in Westwood.

$20k a year is a bare minimum because you got rent, power, water, food. And its rather a high cost of living at that location.

Jenny asks…

What are the care needs of the elderly and what would they expect in a care home?

please help im stuck for my course work :(

What are the care needs of the elderly and what would they expect in a care home?

Administrator answers:

Depends on what age, psychical health a person has. Do they need full help getting up, dressing, bathing etc. Maybe they have suffered from stroke and need assistance eating because they were right handed and can’t do much with the left. There are so many things to explain, it’s a very full question.

Age wise, a person might live in a studio apt and have full use of their movement etc. Granted they need to be looked in on from time to time and make sure their medications are taken daily. These people are lucky as they can still do most things for them selves.

There are so many things that we all take for granted, going for a walk, having someone read to them if they no longer see to read. Listening to music with ear-pods maybe because that person might have been a music teacher at one time and can no longer go to concerts etc.

The bed ridden are the hardest as it takes staff mostly two to tend to the persons needs. I think being clean, and free from bodily orders is the fear of most of these patients. People need dignity its so hard to helpless.

Thank you for trying to have us help you with your class.

Charles asks…

Pet friendly affordable apartments in kansas city Do you know of any?

I have a 4 pound pomeranian and i REFUSE to move without her. I live in Kansas city Missouri and i dont make much money so preferably something around 300-400$ a month for rent? I know there are some duplexes downtown for 350$ a month but no pets at all not even fish!

Any sites , ideas or even phone numbers?
Try and only answer when you know of some okay?

Administrator answers:

With Yahoo! Search I found this site, which sent me to this site:

Tanglewood Apartments ($450 Studio Apt.; Allows small dogs).
409 NW 66th Terrace, KANSAS CITY, MO 64118
(866) 224-7363

Look through all the listings. Some are expensive, but as you can see, there are some reasonable ones, too. I wouldn’t move without my pets either!

Sharon asks…

How much can i earn working at call center for english speakers in argentina?

and i also need to know the cost of living? thank you

Administrator answers:

Until about a year ago…it was 1,600 pesos/mth…but then you’ll have to work odd hours…I was offered a 6pm-2am at this American company called CubeCorp who sells Linksys router. And by that hour…if you don’t have a car…then you’re stuck. Too many rules…that not even in the US use it…like you can’t sign in on a second late on your telephone when you take a break…they will deduct a second from your 1,600 pesos.
Cost of living…rent is around 1,200 pesos for a studio apt. Depends on the area. Then you’ll have to pay water and power…let say around 250 pesos/mth. Food…if you don’t go out then 1,000 pesos would be just ok.
Sorry I can’t tell you exactly how much call centers are paying now…I think if they paid 1,600 a year ago…then they’re probably currently paying around 2,400 or a bit more.

Ken asks…

what can i do with an average size closet?

it’s not a walk in closet or anything but it is about 3 ft deep and about 7.5 ft long
i was planning on taking out the doors and putting a desk in but i really don’t need a desk
what should i do with the closet instead?
i don’t have anything to put in it & i like to take advantage of every foot.

Administrator answers:

Put in a fridge & hotplate, coffeemaker. In essence, a beverage center. Use a cupboard to put the coffeemaker & hotplate on, as well as a small sink. Trashcan in the cupboard. Over that, have shelves or cupboards for snacks & stuff & cups & glasses. Get a piece of granite to put across the top of the dresser & fridge for a smooth counter surface. Light the area with under cabinet lighting under the top cabinets. You’ll have plenty of storage & a studio apt to boot!!!

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