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May 10, 2012

John asks…

how to make the kitchen seprate in a studio apt.?

my studio apartemnt is very tiny. I don’t even have a stove in my kitchen (wich is fine bcus I dont cook much.) I do want to decorate my kitchen different than the rest of the apt.

What is a way to seprate my space?

Administrator answers:

You can separate the kitchen in a couple of ways. If you want separate the rooms, but still have that open look then think small. If you can find something to use as a snack bar with a couple of stools for other people to gather that would be the way to go. Should should be able to find something that is small enough so a couple of stools will fit. No matter how large or small a home is the kitchen always seems to be the gathering place. You could also go with a room divider that would close off the kitchen where there’s just enough room to go in and out the the kitchen. You can always check around furniture stores to get some idea of what you’re looking for. Then go out and check you second hand stores. You never know what you can find that suits your needs at a lower cost to you.

Since you don’t have a stove in your kitchen, have you considered and two burner stove that you can put on the counter and put away when not in use? Just a thought.

If you decide to go with a small counter or something to use as a counter with a couple of stools, you’ll have more room to put things and you’ll be able to sit at the counter to eat if you don’t want to eat in the living room.

What ever you think looks good and that you like then put it in the kitchen. Remember it’s your kitchen and it’s what you want.

Maria asks…

i am moving to san francisco and looking for a studio apt?

it needs to be priced under $1250 and close to downtown. any good buildings? i also have a small dog.

Administrator answers:

$1250 is certainly the low-end. Good luck with that. Also, most landlords are tools and don’t allow pets, so it will be a very difficult search (in terms of pet-friendly apartments, San Francisco is the worst city in the entire country… Literally). Oh, and San Francisco apartment hunting isn’t as simple as “oh, this is a good building – I’ll see if they have anything available”. Landlords usually find a new tenant for their apartment the very first day it’s on the market, and have up to dozens of people competing for them. It’s literally an issue of if you don’t call within an hour of the ad being posted, you won’t even get a call back – they already have enough people to choose from by then.

Thus, your question is flawed. If that’s your approach to finding a place, you won’t find a place. It could take weeks or even months, between finding something downtown (ie: one specific area) in that price range (relatively cheap, so everyone will want those places) and with a dog (though small dogs are easier than medium/large dogs). So search and any other resource you can find, and call immediately if you see something. Be aggressive about setting up an appointment/getting the time for the open house. And if you see a place and like it, submit an application (and even offer a deposit, if they’ll accept it) right then and there. If you wait a day or two, the place will be taken.

Lizzie asks…

I recently adopted an abused cat and moved to a very small studio apt – he cries constantly?

He cries constantly for attention and even does it at night when I am sleeping he jumps on me and licks my nose or paws my nose to wake me up to be petted. Do you think there is something wrong with him or that he is just very needy from being abused?

Administrator answers:

Hi Kerry,
Kudos to you for adopting an abused cat! I adopted two abused litter mates about 7 years ago, and it was very challenging, but amazingly rewarding.
Both of the cats behaved very differently from each other, and sometimes differently from day to day. Just be ready for lots of variation.
Feliway is a product that can help put agitated cats at ease. You can get it in a plug-in diffuser. I don’t have experience with it first hand, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness.
Personally, I’ve had success using the Bach Flower Essences with my cats. You can use one called Rescue Remedy. A few drops in the cat’s water bowl are completely harmless and can help to calm the cat.
Objective research tends to argue that neither Feliway nor Flower Essences work, and if you find this to be the case, you might consider adopting another feline friend. I know that my cats were each others’ best friends through thick and thin. When they were too intimidated by humans to seek out my companionship, they always had each other. You might consider adopting an adult cat as a companion if your cat is a kitten, or a kitten if your cat is an adult. I generally find that cats work best in groups of two, and *usually* male cats get along with other cats quite well. Adult cats often serve as caregivers to young cats, so if your cat is a kitten, the adult could help it to feel more safe and secure, if your cat is an adult, having someone to care for might help it to feel less uncomfortable.

Sandy asks…

I wan to buy a heater for my studio apt. How do I measure the sq footage ?

Is it LxWxH for total volume of the room, or only LxW for the total floor area ?

Administrator answers:

For the heater,
Check out

Richard asks…

I need a studio apartment ASAP does any one know of any sites to go and search for studio apt in Orange County

I live in Orange County Calif and I need to move to a studio apt. I have looked online and it seems to just take me to link after link it is frustrating. I am looking for a studio apt possibly in Fullerton Anaheim Buena Park the price range of $750. Please help..

Administrator answers:

Craisglist is probably one of the best source, or try under rental.

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