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June 28, 2012

Mark asks…

Anyone know about Bratislava rent info?

Going to bratislava to work for a year, what are the average rent for a studio or one bedroom apt? Which location is best to stay that it will be affordable, nice and near amenities? Thank you

Administrator answers:


if you switch to slovak language you will get more results.

Katie t: But real Bratislava shows a different story :-) :

Paul asks…

what do u call a studio/apt, above someones house?

sorry its hard for me to describe….

its usually rented out by a home owner, with an extra (in-law?) apt. upstairs, theyre usually 1-2 bedrooms and fairly cheap. Its not really considered an apartment though. and is TOTALLY disconnected from home below. (no shared bathrooms or kitchen, etc)

basically im looking for a cheap place, with preferably 2 bedrooms, and maybe no credit check. (give months rent upfront or something) temporarily. my friend and his brother are getting kicked outta their house and needs place of their own to go asap, even for just the summer.

im trying to look them up online, but they keep throwing Studios, and Apartments, and shared housing at me. Is it considered Shared Housing?

also, do u think u would you split the utilities with the home owner?

Administrator answers:

It’s called any of the following:

guest house
mother-in-law apartment
pool house
secondary suite

Whether you pay a separate utility bill or a portion of it to the homeowner depends on what the homeowner does. They can register it as a different address then their place and then it will be separate billing…thats a longer process to go through though so many homeowners won’t take that step

Linda asks…

can i live with my child in a small studio apt?

I have been a sahm and am looking for work and am about to be separated from my hsband. We are renting the house and I am looking for an apr but they are all expensive and frankly I don’t need the arguing either bc its not good for my child. My husband has agreed to help me with the rent so I i need to pay utilities, food, dycare, etc… There is a small studio apartment for 650 is this fair to my child? There is transportation and a daycare nearby so its not like hes going to stay there all day. I am also close to my family. My husband wants me to move with him close to his mom but I can see that stressing me out again which it has in the past, What should i do?? (btw my child is 2 1/2 years old and hes active)

Administrator answers:

Yes. My daughter and I shared a bedroom in my grandparents’ house until she was almost 4. … That was not much different than living in a small studio apartment.

When she was almost 4, we moved into a small 1-bedroom apartment. She loved it! But she never thought there was anything wrong with us living in my grandma’s spare room either. Now we live in a 2 bedroom apartment and she actually misses the days when we shared a room!

Anyhow, as long as you take the time and energy to make sure he is happy and well supervised, it is fine for him to live in a studio apartment with you.

Richard asks…

Where can I rent a place to live with bad credit, in the San Fernando valley, CA?

I’m looking for a studio apt., back detatched guest house, or room with private bath and entrance. My budget is about $400-$700 a month. Can any one help me out here?

Administrator answers:

North Hollywood, San Fernando, Sylmar, Selpeveda, Van Nuys or Pacomia.

Chris asks…

Want to live in Greenwich Village, NY. Can a teacher afford it and find a job in the city?

I would love to rent a studio or small apt. in Greenwich Village, NY or Chelsea. I have 2 small dogs and would love to find a teaching job within the city. Is any of this even remotely possible and would I even be able to afford living there. At 37, I figure it’s now or never! Thanks for any advice!

Longing for NYC from Missouri

Administrator answers:

You can do it if you have a spouse working and the two of you really want it bad enough. As anything, you learn where to cut corners and what “vices” you can do without.

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