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July 3, 2012

Paul asks…

How does a single mother of 3 get off of public assistance?

Could I get some pointers or success stories from others who have made it through a hard time. I feel terrible being on public assistance, but if I wasn’t I would be living in my car. I am on medicaid, food stamps, and child care assistance. I work M-F 8am-5pm and then evenings 4-5 days a week. I make around $1800 a month (sounds like a lot right?) but $500 goes to rent (two bedroom apt) $700 goes to daycare (it would be over $1000 if I didn’t have assistance-all kids are under 4) around $150 goes to electric/air and internet (I am going to school online) around $200 pays for gas ( going to the two jobs and twins go to a different daycare than the oldest) and the other $250 pays for diapers, pull-ups, and other necessities (I have twins that still use diapers and a 3 year old that still wets the bed). So is there any thing that I could do with my expenses to help me eliminate at least one public assistance program? I truly hate being on public assistance. I am working on my degree so hopefully I will make more once I can get a good job. My ex-husband pays no child support, he is in prison for domestic abuse and sexual assault so I can’t rely on him. I am looking for a studio apartment for $200 less and I’m trying to save about $50 a month for the deposit. I am also trying to get the kids to one daycare to cut down on gas (hopefully $50 a month). I’m hoping to get off of food stamps first if I can accomplish what I want ($250 a month for food won’t be too bad hopefully). What do you think? any other ideas? I won’t have my degree for another two years (I have my associates that I used to get my job that I have now but not my bachelor’s yet). My oldest should be in school in another two years as well which will cut down on daycare expenses. So hopefully in two years I’ll be good to go? Success stories and any other pointers would be great right now!!

Administrator answers:

I would say if you can get a cheaper apt that would help. Have you also considered using cloth diapers instead of buying the disposable diapers? The price might be a little hefty up front but once you get the diapers, diaper pins and plastic pants, you can reuse the diapers over and over. Only expense would be cleaning the diapers but all 3 can use the same diapers, diaper pins and plastic pants. Save you in the long run specially since you don’t know how long the 3 yr old will need diapering at night as well if one of the twins will stay in diapers at night due to bed wetting.

Mark asks…

What are some GOOD/SAFE neighborhoods in Houston, TX?

I am looking to transfer to the University of Houston maybe in the spring of 2013 but I’m starting to look into every detail I will need just to be on the safe side. I would be applying to the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (not that it matters; unless someone out there has some experience in this field and tells me other wise) and I would not like to live in a dorm in school since I’ve read all over the internet that its not very safe around there. And well I wouldn’t want to be in school 24/7.

I would be looking for a one bedroom apt or maybe a studio or something small, looking to pay in the range of 450 – 600? 650 tops! Big difference of prices but the less monthly payment, the better. I know the price has a lot to do with the neighborhoods, so I’m already getting the idea that I will def be paying more to be on a safer side of town.

So, anyone out there that can give me an idea of where to start? What would be some good/safe neighborhoods for a student looking for an apartment? Which ones should I stay away from?

Any detail is highly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Well theres pearland mainly in the silverlake area of pealand. TX. It is a really nice place and the people there are really nice. It is also a really safe neighborhood, with barely any robberies. There haven’t had a murder since like a REALLY LONG TIME. Pearland also has many shopping outlets, cheap apartments, restraunts, hotels, amazing homes and an amazing town center. Sugarland is also nice place in texas. They have a ton of shopping centers, and it is pretty big there+ nice people. They also have a ton of apartment options. The downfall of sugarland is that its not to far to UofH but its not close. Pearland is pretty close though. ONly about 20-30 minute drive. Sugarland is about 30-40 minutes. Maybe in some cases 1 hour of rush hour. There are also more places that are close to U of H, but they are more expensive to live in. If you want to live in the greater houston area, the trip to U of H would probably take 10 minutes but it is a bit “more” dangerous kinda and more expensive. If you want a bit more safe and still be near U of H, i’d say you get an apartment around Rice University or at the apartment buildings around the Rice University. Its cheaper and still near to major medical buildings and lots of major buildings. That way you will be safer and nearer police and huge medical buildings+near U of H+ people there are nice+cheaper apartments that are good for starting students+its pretty good deal. So yeah. Pearland or an Apartment around Rice university or Baylor college of medicine is pretty good.

Lizzie asks…

How much should I save up to move to Oahu for school?

I’m planning to go to school in Oahu possibly starting next summer (2012) and I’m trying to figure out how much I should save up before my move. I plan on spending the minimum on everything when I move there. Like ghetto car (if I even get one), rent small studio or 1 bed / 1 bath apt., and live the simple life. So I’m trying to figure out what would be a realistic number to save up before I think about actually moving there. I work at Starbucks and I was in the Army so I get post 9/11 G.I. Bill money while in school plus my Starbucks income. I’m hoping to be able to transfer to a Starbucks over near Diamond Head or Waikiki, if not then hopefully get some kinda job soon after moving.
..I have a written up plan – so I’m not just going there with no idea. I’m just still trying to get advice and pointers on what to do.
Thank you for any help or advice. mahalo
No thank you “Yeti” you live there? It’s not as hard as you think to live there. I’ve already done A LOT of research and places to live in many areas are the same as where I’m living now, if not cheaper. If you don’t know the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill – while pursuing my degree they pay me a housing allowance to live and pay the school directly without me having to worry about that part. I just have to maintain above failing grades, not that I plan to have a low GPA. I also don’t understand why you think if I’m going to school I should be doing it on the mainland.. that’s a reason to go to another place. Go to a school away from home. Besides the fact I want to move there people do that all the time – intentionally go to a far away school.
Oh and I’m 27.

Administrator answers:

Post 9 11 always pay a month behind. You better apply today on vonapp if you plan to attend school here. Doesn’t matter if you have used educational benefits before, you’re going to apply again because you’re transferring here to a new school. So apply today if you haven’t done yet. Doesn’t matter if yours not sure if you’ll be coming here for school. You can always cancel later. Heck you won’t even need to cancel. The VA will cancel it if you’re not enrolled for classes.

So have at least enough money for atleast 2 months. Because it will take a long while to get your post 9/11 claim processed. You’ll be getting about $2,000 a month, that’s the BAH amount w/ dependents here in Oahu. They now don’t pay for breaks in between semesters, so yeah , factor that in your plan. So if you getting 100% post 9/11 benefit then you probably don’t need to work so many hours, because you will get tuition and fees paid and $2,000 a month plus $1000 a year for books/supplies. That’s more than a lot of hardworking people here make. You can make it. Just study/work hard and keep a positive attitude.

You probably won’t need a car. A lot of students here just use the bus. But if you’re like me and you don’t want to be a slave to the bus, then keep your car. There is no price anyone can put on the freedom of mobility. Some people tell me before for me to sell my car. I tell them suck you sell your own car you sucker. They are telling me what to do with my precious car when themselves worship their own vehicles.

But anyways good luck.

Chris asks…

How do foreigners end up owning apartment buildings in the NYC metro area?

First off, I am not being racist. I am genuinely curious!

I live in North NJ near NYC where properties are extremely expensive. To give you an idea, the going rate for a tiny studio in the area is $1000 – $1300. Onto my question: Why does it seem like all the landlords and building owners I’ve encountered are not from this country? Are they already wealthy before they come to the U.S. or something?

I ask because owning an apt complex sounds like a sweet deal! You collect ridiculous amounts of $, throw a percentage at your mortgage and property taxes and pocket the rest! Seems like your only responsibilities are dealing with tenants and making sure the place isn’t falling apart.

Any comments?

Administrator answers:

The value of the US $$ is low compared to most of the world. They use the currency exchange rate to their benefit when purchasing.

Foreigners do not have to be US residence to buy, anyone can buy. CA is being bought up by Asians right now, who are paying cash money for their properties.

Nancy asks…

Can a Person Change It’s Feelings?

First of all, I have been with my wife for almost 8 years. We created our history by learning each other language, travel many places, meet entire both side families, love each other, etc.

One day we had a fight that created to separate us since May 08 while she was overseas working (still working overseas). She called me on the phone and told me that it’s over and that she is leaving me.

She is telling me that she has different feelings for me and that she can’t change her feelings. So in meantime, we were writing to each other (Hi, how are you, what’s new and that’s it) A week ago, I asked her aging this July if she has the same feeling for me and I want to know if a woman that I love is still behind me?

She does not give me straight answer. She is saying that she is coming home in August and that she will sublet a small studio but she did not want my suggestions to rent 2br apt and we can live in different room and we can see how we feel about each other. That way we can both make better decisions about our feelings and our relationship.

I also asked her what did I do to make you feel different about me. She told me that I am not the one that gives her this feeling. So, I am so confuse that if I am not the one than why should my heart be broken. She also told me that when she is coming home that we could go counseling, but then she saying that that wont help her change her feelings. I also propose that when she comes home maybe we can take a little vacation for a week since we haven’t had in a while. She liked the idea but no promise, when she comes home we can talk about it. So, I think she is So confuse that she does not know what she want and what to do which also make me confuse of everything.

I love my wife so much that I will marry her 100 time to show her that I love her and that love will never be change… I don’t know what to do, how do to, what possible way to go to fix her feeling, if there are ways to fix someone feelings. By the way after the phone call I asked her if she could give me some answer since I also have to make some decisions in my life. So I am waiting for her phone call to tell if we can work together or not.

Please I really need help I don’t know what to do, should I wait until she comes home in August and which way to go to show her that I am the one and nobody else. AND most importantly is she going to change her FEELINGS some day?

Administrator answers:

Life is too short for anyone to remain unhappy. It sounds like you are living your life in a standstill. Maybe you need to take care of you. You may love her, and marriage is a promise to love someone. What you said doesn’t sound like she is “in love with you” anymore. I think we all owe it to our partners to be honest. Unfortunately we think we know what is best for everyone. You can’t make someone love you. You have to do what is best for your own mental wellness. And love yourself! Goodluck to your happiness!

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