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July 12, 2012

Charles asks…

What kind of money will i spend “setting up” residence in northern California?

I would like to start planning to move out to Northern California in late summer. I grew up there but never rented an entire apt with cable, electric, water and the works. I am trying to get an idea of what deposit and general living costs are like out there

. What should one expect to pay for a one bedroom or studio to move in? And what type of deposits and utility rates can be expected to start up service?
I’m currently living in a really cheap area “cost of living” wise. I don’t want to plan for the costs of my area and arrive in California where gas and electric may actually be more than i expect.

I guess I’m just wondering how much it costs to find and maintain housing in northern California (Sonoma county) for 3 months. I want to plan to live off this money while finding a decent job. Just need an idea of how much i will need.

Administrator answers:

$6000, you can get a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for $800 to $1000, plus $500 deposit
Utilities: $30 to 60 per month including gas, electricity and water, no air conditioner needed.
Gas: $3.07/Gallon
Car Insurance: $550/ 6 months full coverage
Health insurance: $150 to $1000 per month based on age and deductible.

Michael asks…

Need Advice on Potentially Flakey Roommate Situation?

Recently a co-worker and I agreed to rent a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment together. Prior to our agreement, he had been living with his gf in a 1 BR apartment and I had been living in a studio apartment. His gf left him for whatever reason and he was left alone with monthly rent that he could not afford. Though my budget was tight, I was living happily in the privacy of my own place.

After his ex-gf moved out, we discussed getting a place together. I was very up front with him that the only way I would give up my privacy is if it was financially beneficial to me (either I saved on rent or rent was same but apt offered more space, amenities, etc.) In fact, we went back in forth on email negotiating one another’s terms (I still have the email string as proof). I was very specific in what I wanted in order for me to leave. Two of the most important terms were that I could not spend more than what I was paying now and that we would get the Internet and split the bill 50/50. He agreed to my terms and we ended up moving into a nice two bedroom apt.

Now, after a couple days of living together, he’s hinting that he will not follow through on some our mutually agreed upon terms. For one, we agreed that he would get the bigger room in the apartment, which included a private bathroom and I would pay $20 less than him overall in rent (so like a 45/55 split). We paid our first month pro-rated rent and he did not follow through with our prior agreement. Instead, he paid only 50% and left me with the other 50%. Though not a huge issue since it was a pro-rated amount, it left me feeling a bit leary, to say the least. Now, he’s hinting at not wanting to pay for the Internet, but instead steal it from whoever has left their wireless connection unsecured. I don’t like this idea for several reasons. For one, I pay all my bills online pretty much, and I don’t like the idea of my credit card info streaming across other people’s unsecured IP addresses. Secondly, I do everything on the Internet, from checking email to watching shows to streaming music to downloading songs.

If he doesn’t follow through with any of this, not only will my financial burden increase, I will not be happy at all. So, do you guys have any suggestions? Should I consider finding a replacement for me and moving out? This sucks since we just moved in this past weekend and already he’s possibly flaking out on me. Any advice is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

It sounds like your coworker took advantage of you. He knew you would not agree to move in with him unless he agreed to X, Y and Z. He figured he could tell you yes and then go back on his word. If the lease is in both of your names it might not be easy for you to get out of it. Moving is a pain especially since you have only been there one week. I think you should sit down with him and tell him that things are not working out so far. You were expecting your rent to be a certain amount and the Internet bill to be split. The fact that he’s already saying he won’t do those things is a major inconvenience. You cannot go into debt because he feels like being a jerk about this.

Moving again should be a last resort, but it may be something you need to do because of his actions.

Betty asks…

Hellpp i can’t sleep cause this keeps bothering me-sex life dieing :( ?

so im renting this studio apartment,with one double bed and one single bed. right now im living here by myself but one of my not-so-slose friends is planning to move in with me. at first i thought this was a great idea and when she asked for the double bed i said yes. now im seriously starting to rethink it. she wants to bring her bf over to spend the night in it. im not so cool with that but i have a realy hard time saying no so i siad yes again. But i really want teh bed now. heres why.
her man lives in the same apt complex and has a room and double bed of his own. she is more than welcome to spend the night thier im sure while my bf currently lives with his mom and so i need the bed more than she does
at the end of the day its my house right?
i feel so stupid for saying yes when i ment no
how can i tell her no now? is taht possible. u have to understand i REALLYYY need the bed or i can say bibi to my sex life

Administrator answers:

Good grief it would be easier to read if people would take the time to write coherently.

This discussion is for you and the person, and if you cannot exercise that much adult responsibility, I doubt anything else I’d say would matter anyway.

Ken asks…

Moving out..advice needed.?

I’m 27..a female. My mom lives alone, in a 3 bedroom, father passed away. I feel the pressure of being the age I am and that i should move out; Did, but moved back since wanted to save, and really glad I did. (A couple yrs. ago.) However, recently found a great deal rent-wise, on a studio, and thought I should just get it, although there is no real pressure to leave my mom’s, (she doesn’t seem to mind at all,) and I love the saving, and feel sad about leaving her, cheesy as it sounds. But, I feel it’d be nice to have my own place to bring whoever I want over, etc. I got offered the apt. today. Take it? (I went with impulse and agreed to sign lease tommor.) ..just got through the probationary period at my work too, which was a factor in delaying the idea. Any constructive advice, reassurance would b great. ThX!
Question is just making sure if I shouldn’t just stay longer at my mom’s since it is just her, just to save some more..culturally I know it’s not that odd for her, but I am American at the same time, so should just do what friends have done, and do it.

Administrator answers:

Hey, you can’t be with your mom forever. Move out. Yes, you might feel guilty, but remember that you can always visit her for the holidays or on the weekends. Maybe you could find a place that’s close to your house.

Carol asks…

New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?

New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?
New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?
ok well i am moving into a new apt by nov 1 st and its a studio i wanted to know a kinda cheap effective way to make a bedroom and a living room seperated.. since its one huge room.. i thought of shoji screens, but their expensive and dont do the trick.. also, i really want to use curtains, not sheer but a light fabric any ideas how to mount these things? so any ideas thanks in advance ?

Administrator answers:

I used curtains to separate a room once. They didn’t look bad. I used dowelling attached to the ceiling with C-hooks.

But you can get shoji screens for under $40 these days – curtains might be more expensive.

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