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June 4, 2012

James asks…

Serious question, any suggestions on moving to the Caribbean?

Me and my girlfriend are 26 and 24 yrs old, we will both graduate in spring 08 and are really thinking about going down to a caribean island to be beach bums for about six months to a year (maybe longer) we have no kids, no house payments or any other obligations in the states. but we have no idea where to go, can anyone tell us of a pretty safe place with beautiful beaches where we could find enough work, or odd jobs to rent a studio apt or beach cottage? I have carpentry skills and she is a very good looking girl who has no problems finding jobs like bartending ext. Aruba, bahamas, jamaica, U.S. virgin islands. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I have spent time in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. It used to be you didn’t even need a passport to enter the Caribbean countries but now you need one to return to the States.

It is no longer cheap to hang out in the islands. You really need to have money to be down there. Forget work unless you can stay long enough to get on at a resort. Most of the people down there would love to come here to find work.

Also consider the language barrier. Many of the islands are Spanish speaking. I would avoid Jamaica for safety considerations. Also Haiti.

You might want to consider the Keys.

Joseph asks…

I love the idea of Yahoo Answers Point System….?

genius. it’s like budgeting money.
you start off with x amount of points ( dollars ).
you’re rewarded for your investments ( answering questions/earning points ).
penalized for asking questions/spending more than you earn ( costing points ).
if you can manage your money wisely, you’ll be rewarded with a level upgrade ( new house in a better community? level 1 is a studio apt. in a lousy part of town ).
the suckers never level up because they’re too busy asking questions and not answering enough ( see spending more than you earn ).
“thumbs up” and “best answers” increase your level of influence in said communities.

pretty neat, huh?

Administrator answers:


Jenny asks…

New job with clients in NY, Mass, VT, and Mich. Need small apt/condo in city near a major airport. Which city?

I’ll be on the road 60-80% of the time and just want a nice studio for not a lot of money in a decent town close to a major hub. I want to minimize regional flights as much as possible. I’ll be flying to my home near Seattle whenever I get time, so really just want a place to lay my head between hotels. Never lived in the NE and have no idea where to live. I was thinking outside north Boston.

Administrator answers:

Dont come to Michigan if you can help it. There nothing but a dead stick here. Perfect investment opportunities but the economy took a major hit with the auto companies over the past 5 years. The foreclosure capital of America! But if you HAVE to come to MI. And wanna be in a descent neighborhood thats within 30 mins of both airports then I suggest Grosse Pointe. It’s a rich city but studios and flats go pretty cheap. If you need cheaper then try St. Clair Shores, Farmington Hills or Bloomfield Hills. All are within 30 mins of airport.

In VT you can pick and chose. Dime a dozen if you get my drift.

I travel all over the US and I recommend VT. Socially and economically your best choice.

Lizzie asks…

Neighbor’s Dogs bark ALL the time!! Help?

Ive lived in this quadplex for almost 3 years now.. and havent had any trouble ever. Well, a little over a year ago, I got these neighbors who are about the same age as me (early 20′s, late teens) who had a dog. Every time they left the dog would bark and bark for hours!! Didnt matter if it was noon or midnight… I left them a letter and they wrote a letter back for ideas. I wrote them a note with idead, including a no-bark collar, more training, or cage on the in the bedroom (because the bathroom and living room are the rooms against our apartment) *plus the walls are super thin w/o insulation b/t apts*.
Well, it didnt happen as much for about a month..but it still happened. Then they got another dog (in a one bedroom apt..its somewhat like a studio…3 rooms..a bath, a bed, and the living/dining/kitchen)…. and this dog barks all the time and whines and now the other dog does it just as much as before.

I tried being extra nice to them, Ive talked to them, and also they put
the cage up against the wall!! I brought them dog food once and when they opened the door I noticed the cage on our wall… even though the are the apt at the end–they could’ve atleast put it on the other side of the apt.

Anyway, lately the dogs bark when they are home…. they havent stopped at all. Ive contacted the landlorf and he hasnt done anything…and I dont want to move because Im going to college and plan to stay here til I get my degree instead of going through the moving process and deposits and all that stuff!

What can I do about this?? I was thinking about making/buying a audio cd of dogs barking/whining and playing it on their wall.

Also, they purposely let their dogs poo in the backyard…and they moved to the side yard (the neighbors yard), and the front yard. We cant even go in the grass cause we step on poo, but they keep filling the yard up!! What can I do about these rude & disrespectful people???
Im going to make a if anyone knows of burnable dog sounds or dog audio cds..please let me know!

As for the poop, should I scoop it and stick it one their porch?
The people could atleast scoop it!! I love animals….and my other neighbor has been living here for 2 yrs with a dog and have NEVER had a problem with her at all. No poop, no excessive barking…nothing!

And it doesnt matter that it happens when they leave…. the KNOW about it and they let it do it when they are home!!
The lease doesnt mention anything about was like a onepage lease that the landlord made on his computer… he owns this quadplex and doesnt really mess with it..he has a fulltime job as VP of a bank.

And the TV is on a large majority of the time….

Ans they are medium to large dogs….part pitbull.
Ive banged on the walls…and then the next day I had my window open and heard the girl telling her boyfriend she didnt know why we banged on the wall.

Administrator answers:

I had the exact same problem… Day or night, that darn dog barked continuously. Made me nuts so I do understand. You can report them to the Humane Society. They have “field agents” who come out and document the problem and send letters. They told me to keep track and document the incidents so I would do that first, for maybe a couple of days, before calling. If they don’t comply with the order from the Human Society, they are fined and with each subsequent complaint they are fined higher amounts until they stop. In some states, it is considered a noise nuisance and you can report it to the police, especially if it is after 10pm or before 6am, depending on where you live. I would call the police dept. And find out what your options are. It sounds like your apartment managers are doing nothing. I would record it and take it to the office and ask them how they would like to listen to THAT all the time. Also take pics of the poop in the yard, one of the dog doing it if you can. No one likes that… Ugh… It’s unsanitary and the apartment groundskeepers are probably not happy about that. Keep in mind that you will probably get some flack from your neighbors when you do this but in my opinion, you have been very understanding and patient and they are taking advantage of that. You need to take action. No one should have to live with other’s inconsiderate noise, whether dogs, music or whatever. Good luck!

David asks…

How expensive is it to live in Center City, Philadelphia?

I live in East Falls right now and pay only $430/mo in rent, but that’s because I live with a roommate in a 2BR and the building is utter crap. Its right by germantown as well…which is never a good thing haha

I plan on moving to center city next year and I’m just wondering how much I should expect to pay in rent? I’d like a 1BR apt (not a studio), preferably one that’s not falling apart and roach infested. Anyone have any idea?

Administrator answers:

If you look, you can find a place in Center City for around $800. But you’re probably looking at closer to $1000 as a starting point for a decent place.

Check out to get an idea of what’s out there. Many have pictures and a few have videos.

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