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June 19, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Relocation in Montrose, New York?

My mom is moving to Montrose, New York and is searching for safe reasonably priced local place to rent. Studios apts. are welcome. and she is not sure were to begin and which area to consider to look for a place. If anyone knows anything or anyone place tell me. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I am not homophobic (at least I hope I’m not, you tell me), but I want to be able to go to a wide variety of bars and clubs that aren’t dominated by gays. I want meet nice, interesting and single women that are straight. I want a lot of my friends to be straight, thought I certainly wouldn’t mind having gay friends too. I also want to live in a part of Montrose that has a substantial number of straights. I realize there is a very sizable population of gays in Montrose and that they helped to make Montrose the aesthically pleasing and culturally vibrant place it is today. But I guess I want to be in a community where gays are part of the tapestry rather than a community where gay culture pretty much dominates.

Steven asks…

Does anybody know any good rent apartment listing that is free of charge.?

I live in LA and i need to move by the end of the month, my budget is a bit short, Im looking for a studio, single or bachelor, I already know about so I need something else where i can check some apts. thanx.

Administrator answers:

Chris asks…

Does anyone know of cheap apts. that range from $350 a month?

Me and my fiancee are looking for a lil studio or something like that to rent but its seems like the places I have found are all filled up. I get about 350 a month and he sometimes is able to do the investigation studies where we get a lil $ each month or one large lump sum $$. If there is any ideas or advice what to do??? Im open! I need a lil help. Please and Thank you!!

Administrator answers:

Hi T.M. Did you know that realtor can help you! They just might be able to help,don’t give up Im sure a realtor would have a list of place’s for both of you! Call around,look in phone book for different realtor’s and give them a call,and have fun,and God Bless you both! Louann.

Charles asks…

Estimitated Dollar Amount to Move to NYC?

All of the Q&A on here is extremely helpful yet I would like to get some more specific details and feedback from all of you. I also plan to move to NY very soon and I am questioning the amount of money I have to take with me to play it safe.

1. Rent (Harlem Studio 5 Mths advance & Sec. @ $900 mth) – $5,400

2. Living Expenses (Up to 3 mths while I job hunt) – $3,000

3. Pots/Pans/Bed – $500

4. Emergency (Can’t find work) – $1000

5. Hotel (14 nights YMCA @ $50 per night to search for apts) – $700

Total = $10,699

I would like advice from others who plan to move/has already moved to NY if they feel this amount would be a good amount to have when moving. I feel I have planned for the unexpected job market, apartment situation (should I not find work asap) and whatever may come along. Or, perhaps I’m being naive??? Please, let me know what all of you think. I want to make sure this move goes smooth as I do not know anyone in NYC. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

$1000 isn’t nearly enough for an emergency fund if your rent is 900. That will only cover your rent for one month and in your computations you’ve figured you’re going to have $1000 a month additional in living expenses on top of rent (you can live on less than $250 a week if you’re really careful).

Most financial experts recommend you have 6 months of emergency funds save up which should be six months of your salary. Since you don’t know what that will be yet, 1500 a month is a safer bet which comes to 9000. Does everyone have this saved up? No, but there are an awful lot of people in this city in dire financial trouble and a realistic emergency fund would have helped them greatly.

Depending on the size of the bed you want, and since it’s a studio, I’d recommend a sofa bed or futon with a frame, you can get a bed for under 100 and a sofa bed frame for $70 at ikea. After that they have mattresses to fit either in numerous price ranges. You can get a set of 3 pots and and one pan for 14 bucks there too. You can shave some off that $500 unless you need it delivered.

I doubt the Harlem Y has any $50 dollar rooms, I would call them if I were you. The General YMCA website says rooms for under 100 and in some cases much less. That’s a pretty big margin. You need to know your facts for something like this.

Also you can’t leave your valuables in the Y as most of the cheap rooms will be shared.

I did a quick search and found a studio in Harlem for 804 available so there are clearly some deals to be had and possibly some savings.

It’s not the safest thing to so, but look on Craigs list and see if anyone has a room to rent. Do your research thoroughly to make sure they’re legitimate.

A room will certainly cost less than 900 a month and you may wind up helping someone else keep their home in these tough times while you save up.

Mark asks…

do poeple in london(england) pay rent ever week or every month?

I have been lookinf for apts. in london but every time is see the price for one, it says this price is per week or something like that. and i will convert the price and it will be around 200 american dollors. how do they expect people to pay like 800 dollars a month for a studio?

also, do they have any site like how america has
its so hard to find an apt. in london

Administrator answers:

In almost all cases we pay rent every month. Prices tend to be given per week in adverts as they essentially seem cheaper and so we’re more likely to go for them!

I think you need to realise that renting in London is VERY expensive. £400 ($800) a month for a studio is an absolute bargain! In fact, it sounds too good to be true… I pay £700 ($1400) a month to rent a room in a two bedroom flat (we don’t call them apartments here, we call them flats) so in all reality you’re going to need to up your budget. You’re probably not going to get a studio in an area you’re not guaranteed to get stabbed in for less that £1200 ($2400) a month. A much cheaper option would be to share.

A good website to use is It lists all types of property in all areas and you can search by price range too. Plus, you don’t need to worry about agents and their fees.

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