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Your Questions About Where Are The Lower Abdominals

August 8, 2013

Helen asks…

What are some full abdominal an lower abdominal work outs?

I’m trying to get toned before school starts and I want to get some good full and lower abdominal work outs. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Okay so one that works all of your abs at once almost is lay on your back and hold on to something like the bottom of a couch and lift your legs up and down slowly. Also crunches obviously sit ups and also if you lay on your back and just try to keep your feet about 3-5 inches off the ground and keep your hands against your sides and your head up that one works- and you can do planks which are when you lay on your stomach kind of in the push up position but instead just hold yourself up on your fore-arms and the tips of your toes so that your whole body is off the ground- just do that until you cant anymore and not only will you have good abs but you’ll have good arms too!

Thomas asks…

What exercises can i do to strengthen my lower abdominal area after hernia surgery?

I had open surgery on a small hernia i had due to weightlifting on the 1st of July its been over 7 weeks and i really want to start getting back into my old gym routine.

But before i can i need to re-strengthen my lower abdominal area. I was hoping to find some exercises i can do to do this?

I have also just started light jogging and will be cycling soon.


Administrator answers:

I hope you know these already, as if you’re doing weightlifting you should already be working your core extensively and evenly to avoid injuries anyway.

Erm, off the top of my head, V sit ups would be good, leg raises, straight-back sit ups, cross over crunch, bicycle crunch (almost the same thing, but better) and the captains chair exercise if you can find that piece of equipment.

And for the love of pasta balance what you do on your abs with back work, please?

Edit: Take it easy to start with, stop if you feel so much as a twinge, yada yada, listen to your doctor. Also, you should probably not do weightlifting for a very very long time. And when you do, low weights.

Carol asks…

Is lower abdominal pain and discomfort normal after loosing ones virginity?

I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time a few days ago. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me. We used a condom but it kept kind of slipping. Now I’m feeling sharp pains and discomfort in my lower abdominal area. I know its too early to get pregnancy symptoms, but for some reason I’m still worried. Please, any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Its ok hun. I got the same thing after i lost my virginity. Just take a warm bath every night until the pain goes away. If u want try using icy hot too, but it doesnt always work, some of my friends it helped some it didnt

Maria asks…

How do you burn lower abdominal fat specifically?

I do pretty much everything…cardio, mad crunches, other ab workouts, etc. Granted I don’t exactly eat correctly…
My upper abs are pretty toned and I have a fair amount of muscle; my upper abs are showing yet my lower abs have some fat over them.
Anything I can do to burn lower abdominal fat (well, spot training’s a myth…but you know) or specifically build lower abdominal muscle?

Administrator answers:


Getting on a better diet would help tremendously. Although, there really is no way to simply spot reduce the lower area of your abs. Your body chooses where to distribute your bodyfat, not you. (Sadly.. Lol)

To get this stubborn bodyfat off your lower midsection, it’d be best to keep up with the cardio, and even pick up the pace a bit to burn more calories. More body-fat lose will result in reduction of the lower ab area.

Take care and best of luck!

James asks…

How do I work out my lower abdominal without bending my back?

So I had scoliosis surgery about a year ago. There are two metal rods in my back on either side of my spine. I can bend side to side (not drastically), but I can’t curve or arch my spine. I am generally very fit, but I have developed a bit of a muffin top, if ya know what I mean. Any ideas for lower abdominal workouts that don’t require bending your back?

Administrator answers:

Lay flat on back and bounce a heavy ball on your abdomen while tensing the muscles

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