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Your Questions About Where Are The Lower Abdominals

August 27, 2013

Sharon asks…

Why do I get lower abdominal pains after exercising?

A few times after I’ve worked out, I’ve started to get lower abdominal pains which become excrutiating (like very bad period pains) for about an hour. I am not sure what they are and it doesn’t happen every time, but at least once a week. I haven’t exerted myself and I drink/eat a light meal about one and a half hours before exercising. Does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

How long have you been exercising? It may just be because your body isn’t used to work out. Also, have you changed your work-out routine? Changing from say an elliptical machine to an Ab-cruncher uses different muscles. Thus causing your body to tighten up when you use them. Otherwise, you may want to go slower and when it dose hurt, pinpoint the area.

William asks…

what causes lower abdominal pain with lupus?

I just found out I have Lupus on monday, I learned that I have had it for 12 years. I have been having lower abdominal pain for the past year, no one could find the cause. This pain is just like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, could it just be IBS or associated with the Lupus?

Administrator answers:

When we have lupus and something goes wrong with our bodies, our first inclination is to blame it on the lupus. Although lupus can affect any part of the body, the bowel is not one of its favorite places. Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Lupus likes to bring friends (other autoimmune diseases) along with it.

From my experience with lupus patients, gluten can be a source of bowel issues for some. You might ask to be tested for Celiac disease. It is also possible to have IBS and lupus.

Michael asks…

Can lower abdominal cramps after running be due to ovulation?

I’ve read a lot about lower abdominal cramps after running and it seems that they’re quite common. I run pretty much every day and I suffer from these cramps (similar to intense period pain,) about 3 or 4 days in a row each month but that’s all. I’m just looking for something to explain it. Is it likely to be linked to ovulation or any other part of my menstrual cycle? Just interested. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

I’m guessing its part of your menstrual cycle. I have the same thing happen to me and its always a few days before i get my period. I know this is a common thing because other girls on my team complain about it too. I recommend taking advil that normally helps me.

Steven asks…

Does a tattoo on the lower abdominal get ruined from pregnancy?

I wonder if the tattooes on belly or lower abdominal get ruined after beeing pregnant? ( not the tattoo, the woman hahaha)

Administrator answers:

Stretch marks can do strange things to tattoos. (voice of experience here!)

Chris asks…

My girlfriend has pain after sex in her right lower abdominal area?

Everytime we have sex, she keeps having a slight pain in her right lower abdominal area. She has no medical problems or STD. She’s healthy. I told her to go see a gynocologist but she’s afraid of what it might be and is trying to avoid seeing one. Does anyone have any ideas of what this might be?

Administrator answers:

The same thing happened to my sister…click here for answers…

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