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Your Questions About Where Are The Lower Abdominals

October 14, 2012

Robert asks…

How quickly will i see results. I’m doing cardio and on a diet. I want a six pack !!!?

I really want a six pack. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of them things! I’m currently 5ft 9” and 9 stone 10 lb and male. I’m not the most muscular person ever but I do have quite strong abdominal and arm muscles which i know contribute to my weight. My body fat is around 16.5% and i’ve read you need 12% maximum to have a visible six pack. I have a small layer of fat (1 inch) covering my abdominals and about 2 inches on my lower belly (pouch) and I was wondering how long it would take to get from 16.5% to 12%? I have lowered my calories by roughly 1000 aday (2500 to 1500) on a balanced diet. I do 30-60 minutes cardio each day and work my abs every second day as i know it’s easy to overwork them. Does anyone have any idea on how long this will take me? Or any suggestions on where i can improve.
Any answers are welcome!!!
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Actually, you will need to get your bodyfat percentage below 10% to see your entire six pack. Above that, and you might see the first ridge but definitely not the bottom two or the lower abs. You shouldn’t cut your calories so drastically because you will start to lose muscle mass as well. A deficit of 200 – 300 calories below your caloric needs is all that is required; often, you can do this by simply exercising more and raising your metabolism rather than simply cutting calories.

Steven asks…

Is this a good fitness routine?

Every single day of the week I walk 2 or 3 miles along with everything that I post below.

Monday- Upper body
Tuesday- Run 2-3 miles
Wednesday- Abdominals
Thursday- Run 2-3 miles
Friday- Lower Body
Saturday- Run 2-3 miles
Upper body
Lower body
Sunday- Off day

I did this all last week and it seemed like it is a good plan. Hard but not too hard where I don’t want to do it.
Does is sound like not enough to you? Too hardcore? Not hard enough?

Administrator answers:

Yes Taylor.

Maria asks…

Might anyone have a guess as to what my problem is? The stomach ache has lasted for days.?

Everytime I go to sleep and wake up and all the time in between for the last two day I’ve had a bad stomach ache on my right side. I really doubt its something very serious like appendicidice, because while this stomach ache is constant it is not unbearable. I’ve had much worse short-term painst before. Whenever I sit up it straight it tends to hurt, its almost like the muscles in that area like to scrunch up in whatever position I like to stay in for a while. But its also something from the inside, because at random times it feels like acid is being released all over the area where my intestines are and it hurts badly for a few seconds. Sorry for saying stomach ache by the way, this is in the lower region on my abdominals. Any ideas? An ulser is supposed to be in your actual stomach, right?
Owww, I’m getting one of these pain surges right now and I have to bend over. Jeseeeeee. Someone answer please?

Administrator answers:

Might you be constipated? I had my daughter in the ER late one night and they called surgery and told them to prepare for appendectomy, had anesthesia on the way down to ER to meet with us, and the bloodwork came back fine. Further examination they determined blockage in her intestine, sent us home with a prescription for Miralax, and in 1 day she was better, 2 days back to normal. She used the Miralax, as directed, for about a week. Never had the problem again.

Anyway, that’s my story, but you should call the ER to discuss and if they want to see you, heed that advice.
Good Luck!!

Lizzie asks…

One year on and need some pointers/advice?

Hey, new member to this site and thought it would be a great place to get some pointers/advice for some training and diet. Sorry if this turns into a wall of text but its something i would like some proffession help on due to the ppl at my gym just push product on me and say in 5 months you’ll be lean and cut like an uber super hero….

Im 18 and have been training for a year now. I basicly went into training at the gym with little knowledge of how my body worked. As i got to the stage i am at now i realise what i did wrong and what i should be doing, roughly. I have gotten bigger over the course of the year and my parents and friends definatley notice the difference. Im not big, i guess you could say the average athletic build. Im not a skinny person either, i have some flabby areas, mainly lower abdominals but i guess its down to “the last 10%”. Im told its always harder to lose that.

Basicly now my workout goes over the course of three days a week. Monday, wednesday and friday. I do about 2 hours of weight training. I do Arms(Biceps) Shoulders Abs and Forearms on Monday. Legs (Thighs, claves) Chest Abs and Forearms on Wednesday. And Arms(Triceps) Back Abs and Forearms on Friday. I usually work out around 11-12 to 1-2pm that gives me the chance to have lunch afterwards getting my food in the “Nutritional Window” Where muscles get everything at the right time.
I used to take a protein shake aswell. Just a plain Whey protein, no creatine etc. I stopped after a couple of months due to it showing signs of starting achne and spots. So i stopped immediatley. But TBH i did see difference, i got bigger and didnt gain the fatty weight but i look at myself and wonder “Would i look the same if i ate an extra bit of chicken or steak?” So atm im eating a natural diet, no supplements of any kind and feel good, less hyper mood swings etc. So its for the good i stopped. Anyhoo, thought id add that as more info the better….

I split my meals in 6 meals, 3 mains and 3 Snacks. I guess i get the DRA each day with more protein than normal. I think i get about 150g of protein a day if not 170 which is my body weight.

Im looking to cut down a bit atm for the summer and get my muscles really defined. This would mean cutting my body fat down. Question 1: How would i do this and still maintain if not continue building muscle with my diet? What would my Nutritional value have to be each day?

I know my body is still growing, and to get the body im aiming for id have to keep going till 22+ to actually see the lean cut body that are awed and gawked at. This is the sort of body i would like to get, as an end goal that i could keep up:

My body isnt far off it, he has a bit more muscle and definition due to lower body fat but thats something i can achieve. And i say that with confidence. And due to him being older he’s obviously fully develped aswell, unlike me at 18.

Thanks in advance to those that contribute some useful advice :)
nice to see some mature ppl on this site…..was hoping for the kids not to answer on this one please. Just people with proper experience in fitness.

Administrator answers:

You just look up muscular guys weird….

Mary asks…

How can I get a nicer looking stomach/body, without losing weight?

I am a 16 year old guy and I have been doing solid cardio exercise for 20 to 25 min a day for 2 months, and I lost 7 pounds, its actually working I can see where the upper abs come in. There is a problem though my dad is pissed because when you lose weight, you can’t lift as much in the weightroom. I was wondering if there was a way that I can gain/maintain my weight by going to the gym and lifting weights 3 times a week and do less cardio (because cardio is clearly where I lost the weight) and burn off/change the remaining stomach fat into muscle? Also what foods are good for building abs or any muscle? And what exercises are the BEST for the upper and LOWER abdominals to gain muscle, and are there any I can do at home without weights?

Administrator answers:

Oooh yes!! Do planks! Haha! You’re gonna freak out! They kill!!!!

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