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Your Questions About Where Are The Lower Abdominals

December 12, 2012

Charles asks…

36wks pregnant, are these things normal for this stage of pregnancy?

* cranky and short tempered. I find myself snapping at my husband over the smallest of things. Like he asks if i’d like a cup of tea, i say “yes please” he says “pardon” and I snap at him “I SAID YES!”… i apologise afterward, but then do it again 5mins later over something else
* hot flushes where i begin to sweat and feel light headed for 30seconds or so, and then i’m fine.
* loss of appetite, but feel unwell unless i eat something small every 2hrs
* digestive discomfort – gas pains, constipation (and pain in my lower abdominals from constipation) and cramping.
*feeling like i have pms
* sleeplessness. I’m tired, but find myself dozing half awake for most of the night, unable to fall into a proper sleep
* increased watery discharge (possible urine, but i don’t think so)

Administrator answers:

It is normal
Best of luck and

George asks…

How to effectively strengthen these groups of muscles?

I want a four pack. I always used to have one but now I only have two
I used to dance every day but now i’ve cut down so what’s another effective way to strengthen lower abdominals in particular.

Other muscles I want to strengthen are
calves (I already do rises daily, what else can i do?)
biceps (I can do about 5 push ups lol it’s my weakest muscle)
and butt

my butt is pretty toned lol and i was wondering if that even matters.
Like does one require a super toned butt to be fit? lmao

Also how does one lengthen endurance?
My endurance at the moment is not where it used to be and I can’t really go jogging much in the winter.
I used to go to a gym but now theres limited time so things to do at home would be great

sorry for these somewhat peculiar questions any tips/advice would be appreciated

So anything that would strengthen and show results as fast as possible.

im 16 years old, 5’8 and only 100 lbs, i need to bulk up, but i have a very high metabolism

thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

For you lower abs do hanging leg rasies they work great, push ups dont work you biceps they work your shoulders tricpes and pecs mostly. But to work you bicpes do bicep curls and preacher curls for you endurance running and jogging is the best so i would say jump rope of jog in place if you cant go outside there is no fast way to gain muscle but stick to working out and eating good and youll get where you want to be hope this helped

Helen asks…

when your water breaks, it is always a gush of water, or can it be just a little…?

i was on the computer for a bit this morning and i got up to feel something “trickle” out of me, but it wasn’t from the area that you pee out of, so it couldn’t have been pee.

the trickle i felt was from the vaginal opening, but it left no sign of anything where i was sitting, but my underwear is soaked and my pants are a little wet as well.

could this have been my water breaking? i’m having some cramping pain in my lower abdominals as well.

i am past my due date, only dilated at a one.
well, i was only dilated at a one yesterday morning at doctor office… i may be further along today, i don’t know.

Administrator answers:

You should go to the hospital right now. Yes, it can trickle out a little at a time, but once your water breaks, even at a trickle, you only have 24 hours before the risk of infection starts. If you can’t get ahold of your doc, just go to the maternity ward of the hospital you are planning to deliver at, and they can check you to see if it’s amniotic fluid. Good luck!

Thomas asks…

Pain and pressure when urinating?

I’m 12, and this has been going on for about a month now, I think. I tend to feel pain, and now pressure where my bladder is supposed to be. Besides waking up in the morning because I’m not tired, I get up because I need to pee. But sometimes, I don’t feel like I need to, but that my bladder is full. Now about the pain…The worst pain is on the left side of my lower and middle abdominals. After I while that I’m urinating, the pain goes up to my right, but faintly. Now this morning, I was feeling a lot of pressure where my bladder is supposed to be, (the center of my lower abdominals). I had to stop, and slowly continue due to this. What is happening here? All I drink is about 4 water a day, and 2 weekly sports’ drinks, nothing besides that for 2-3 months, thus my urine is a light yellow to completely clear. No sediments, bad smell, or any strange colors.
I already have. It would be nice if no one else would answer with just a “go to the doctor.” Give me your best guess, please. :

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection or cystitis. Both will need antibiotics, but you can help by having a glass of cranberry juice twice a day and drinking LOTS of water – a pint an hour to flush your kidneys.

If you are prone to these infections, keep on drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily and drinking plenty of water.

Un-treated, it may get a lot more painful, so the advice to go to the doctor is wise advice.

Ruth asks…

This is kinda wierd and has never happened before….. (maybe TMI)?

k well for about 3 days now i have pains where my uterus is. Almost like my peroid pains (i dont get bad peroid pains … not even cramping just like pressure on my lower abdominals) and last night i was in the shower and i saw tht my cell rang (yes i have it in the shower cuase i play music on it while i shower so it interupted my music) it was my friend and i knew she was camping so as soon as i got out of the shower i wrapped myself in a towel and called her back … while i was talking to her i felt stuff dripping down my leg and i didn’t look cause i figured it was just water from the shower … after i got off i looked and it was vaginal discharge (i think) it was clearish to white. Is there something wrong with me …? im not in as much pain anymore … but i have a doctors appointment (with a new doctor) on the 10th, so i dont know what i should do?

Administrator answers:

In order to really say, more info is needed. Is there odor? Is there any itching or burning?…. If not then it sounds like you were ovulating. This is what ovulation looks and feels like. But to make sure I would still go see a doctor. Best of luck!

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