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Your Questions About Where Are The Lower Abdominals

June 13, 2013

George asks…

What could be causing right lower abdominal pain?

I have a very sharp pain on my right lower abdominal right above my hip bone. Very rarely does it hurt unless I push there it sends a haorrible sharp pain in that area. Im just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what this pain could be?

Administrator answers:

It could be Appendicitis. Most people with appendicitis have classic symptoms that a doctor can easily identify. The main symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain.

The abdominal pain usually:
occurs suddenly, often causing a person to wake up at night
occurs before other symptoms
begins near the belly button and then moves lower and to the right
is new and unlike any pain felt before
gets worse in a matter of hours
gets worse when moving around, taking deep breaths, coughing, or sneezing

Other symptoms of appendicitis may include:
loss of appetite
constipation or diarrhea
inability to pass gas
a low-grade fever that follows other symptoms
abdominal swelling
the feeling that passing stool will relieve discomfort

Symptoms vary and can mimic other sources of abdominal pain, including:
intestinal obstruction
inflammatory bowel disease
pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological disorders
intestinal adhesions

If the pain escalates, you should go to the Emergency Room of the closest hospital.

Ruth asks…

Is lower abdominal pain and excessive hunger a first sign of pregnancy?

For the past week I have been having lower abdominal pain on and off. It isn’t unbearable but it is a little uncomfortable. I ran for a bus yesterday and the pain got a bit worse and hurt to sit down. I also have noticed I am hungry a lot more and eat a lot more too.
Could this be a first sign of pregnancy?

Administrator answers:

Yes, definitely could be! I know at the beginning of my pregnancy I was hungery all the time. It only lasted about two weeks though & any weight I put on then has come of already & i’m only 16 weeks gone now.

Mary asks…

What could cause a female to have cramping in lower abdominal after the big O?

Lately when I orgasm I immediately get brief cramps in the lower abdominal area. What may be causing this?

Details: Adult woman who has been with only one man in the past four and half years. I get regular paps & have STD checks as needed. Just had a pap a week ago which came back clean.

Administrator answers:

Hi Shannon. If the cramps are occurring immediately, they are probably just the ‘aftershocks’ of your orgasm! An orgasm can last for quite some time, depending on how profound it is. The muscles of the vagina are incredibly strong, and will clench and release in waves as the orgasm sweeps through them. Lucky you! Enjoy!

Nancy asks…

Wat can cause a man to have pain start inthe left side of the lower abdominals & go thru to his left testical?

my husband started having pain in his lower abdominal and it shot through to his left testicle after he went to the bathroom (poop). he said it did hurt really bad but now its just a lot of discomfort and mild pain. every once in a while he will get sharp pain there. we just need to know if its something really serious to the point we need to take him to the E.R. or can we fix the problem at home?

Administrator answers:

Sounds like he might have an inguinal hernia… This inguinal canal is where the epididymis comes from the testicles and goes up to the prostate. Yall need to get it looked at. You don’t want to cut off blood supply to the testicle or the intestines which may be protruding into the testicle.

Donald asks…

Getting rid of fat in the lower abdominal area?

I’ve been doing quite a lot of crunches/sit-ups for the past 3 weeks ar so; and I have to say I’m pleased with the results I’m getting. But I notice in the lower abdominal area, the area around your belly button, I still have a little bit of fat there. What type of exercises can I do to get rid of it? And yes, I do CARDIO.

Administrator answers:

Walk, Walk and Walk.

Eat good food——–lots of vegetables and protein.

Avoid white foods like white bread, white rice and sugar etc.

After losing some pounds, start easy exercises specific for lower abdomen

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