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Your Questions About Where Are The Lower Abdominals

June 5, 2012

Paul asks…

Pain in lower abdominals…? help?

Last night I started having this pain in my lower abs, like where my intestines are. Last night I woke up and I pooped, and it made me feel better, if that’s needed information. But today the pain is still there a little bit. I was thinking that it could be from the majorly buttered popcorn that I ate at the movie theatre on Saturday. Is this just trapped gas? If it’s not, can you tell me what else it could be?

Thank you.
I think Tim O was right. Diahriah just started. ewww. :[

Administrator answers:



But really though...

William asks…

do crunches only work your upper abdominals? or do they work the lower too?

because for the past few months, i have been doing 200 crunches a day and so far, my stomach hasn't gone down at all except a little on my upper abdominal and i need most of my work on my lower abdominal cause thats where all the fat is.

Administrator answers:

U need to do some high school wrestling work outs.

U should do bicycles sit ups, look it up on youtube. : ]

it gave me a 6 pack in 4 weeks and i tried every single kind of sit up and this one shows results : D

Robert asks…

Please help!! 27 weeks pregnant and having these things happen, is this normal?

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and my lower backs been hurting the last few weeks and will go in spurts of sharp pinching pains to the point it makes me limp sometimes. Today it’s super bad though and I feel a decent amount of pressure/ tightness on my lower abdominals typically where youd feel menstrual cramps. Baby is still kickin and moving like normal
I called doctors but no call back yet just wated to know If this is normal to experience this or If I should be worrying ?!

Administrator answers:

The baby could be turning.

Mary asks…

Do I have a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or nothing?

I have… itching every little while throughout the day. This has been happenning for almost 6 weeks.
6 weeks ago, I got dark yellow to green discharge but I was wearing my only pair of jeans which were very uncomfortable and tight. I haven’t had that discharge since then. But during the other times I wear jeans, I’m fine.
Yesterday I got this yellowish discharge, but when it hardened up, I scratched it off my underwear and up close it looked clear. But when I think about it now, it looked clear to a very light shade of grey.
Last 2 weeks I’ve been getting slight, pains in my lower abdominals. Like, right where the pubic hair starts

I’m 13, virgin. Help? :

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you could have one of these infections but don’t worry they’re not that serious you can go to a doctor and they will give you cream or pills for whichever one it is you have…The itching, the discharge and abdominal pain are all signs or a few different vaginal infections. Just go see a doctor if your embarrassed or don’t want your mom to take you then go to a local clinic like Planned Parenthood and they will do a check up and treat you for free. The sooner you go the sooner you will feel better… The itching, abdominal pain, discharge, and the odor if there is one will just get worst without treatment. If it is just a yeast infection you can get over the counter medicine too at any store like target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. You may want to try one of these first like monistat for yeast infections and if it does not go away then it is probably one of the other vaginal infections but all these infections are common so dont be freaked out just get it taken care of. Hope this helps you out..

Chris asks…

Pain in lower left side of abdominals.?

Hurts to take a deep breath – moderate to painful crampy feeling…

when I’m laying flat on my back it feels fine if I lay on either side it will slowly (gradually) start to hurt. Hurts after I eat (cramp feeling)

…If I start working or walking a distance it will slowly become more painful.

Sometimes there is a pain that stems up to my chest on the left side but no where in between.

just started 2 days ago and I wasn’t doing anything that could’ve injured something, unless I did it in my sleep.

I’m 23 just in case that helps anyone…. Any thoughts or suggestions??

Administrator answers:

Lower left area is the descending colon. If you can feel a bulge near the area it may be an inguinal hernia. If not, you need to contact a doctor. There are a few things that could cause those symptoms several of which an enema is contraindicated.

There are times when to absolultely not use an enema and this sounds like one of them.

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