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Your Questions About Where Are The Lowest Property Taxes

July 13, 2013

William asks…

Which of the Caribbean Islands has the lowest taxes?

I am considering buying a home in the Caribbean Islands. Which of the Caribbean Islands has the lowest taxes overall and how are the taxes divided up? The two most important things to me are a low income tax and low property tax. Sales tax and others are less important but still matter. I also prefer that at least some of the population speaks English, that property is not too expensive, and that the cost of living isn’t too high.

Administrator answers:

No best answer.

Sharon asks…

If reducing taxes will cause companies to start hiring, why does Nevada have the highest unemployment?

Nevada has no income tax, no corporate tax, and very low property tax.

If conservatives think that low taxes is the solution, why isn’t it working here?

Administrator answers:

Because trickle-down has been proven to be a failed economic policy time and time again.
You just can’t convince right-wingers that the propaganda they think is true, is false.
Because if they realized that they would realize they are accountable for most of America’s economic problems.

With a 4 year degree and doing bookkeeping work out in Vegas, my buddy is hardly clearing minimum wage.

Texas is a bad example since it is a border state and most companies that outsource to Mexico are moving their distributing centers to Texas to reduce transportation costs from Mexico.

Steven asks…

Does property tax and insurance have to be included in the mortgage payment?

I am a new home buyer. I will be putting about 10% down. The monthly payment on the house is $241. But the monthly payment I will be paying will be $820. Supposedly, that large chunk of the payment is property taxes and insurance. I was looking to file a tax appeal to see if I can lower my property taxes because it’s just ridiculous. Property tax is way more than the actual house payment!

Administrator answers:

I would, as it sounds like they have the wrong value of the house.

And yes they are included with your payment.

Betty asks…

Benefits to living in a state in the USA?

I heard Missouri has the lowest property taxes. I currently live in Illinois, and am planning on moving out probably after college. I am thinking either South Dakota or Missouri. Which state has the lowest taxes? Which state has the highest educational level? Things of that nature. I am looking for the best state, and with minimal crime rates.

Administrator answers:

This should be addressed on a city to city basis. There’s so many variables.
Like St Louis is one of the top crime cities in the US, but there’s so many other cities ( in MO) that are extremely low in crime.

Property Taxes are a County thing, and for that matter schools are too.


This compares some of the state taxes.


This site has a side by side comparison for educational rankings.

In all honesty, the state and federal budgets are so messed up, they will find more taxes before you approach your moving time.
Even at this time, your first question should be where can I get a job. 31 million are now unemployed. Its good youre doing research rather than the foolhardy things I see people doing on this category. They are living a fantasy. I like your realistic approach !

The Dakotas have very harsh winters, while southern MO rarely gets below freezing (except maybe Jan-Feb) and it seldom snows The winter is much shorter. Northern and Southern MO should be looked at as 2 different areas completely. KC and ST L will get colder and more snow than say Springfield. North- More crime and gangs, more things to do, less mountains and lakes, higher taxes and housing.. S Dakota has a lot of farmland. I’d only live near the Black Hills area. .

George asks…

how can i cut on my property taxes?

i am living in tx. i know someone who is tax exempt
how can i be the same, or how can i lower my property taxes?

Administrator answers:

Property taxes are based on the assessed value of the property. You can challenge the assessment and possibly get it lowered.

Some cities have reduced rates for the elderly or low income people. If either applies check with your city’s commissioner of revenue for details.

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