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Your Questions About Where Are The Lowest Property Taxes

August 18, 2013

Jenny asks…

Can I use a goodwill donation to reduce my property tax?

If I make a donation to goodwill can I use the write off to lower my property tax? How do I do this?

Administrator answers:


If you itemize your income tax deductions, a charitable donation may help reduce your income taxes but they have nothing to do with property taxes.

If your income is low enough that you don’t pay income taxes, there is no tax benefit for donating.

Helen asks…

Would moving to Wyoming be a good idea for tax reasons?

I like the idea of not having to pay a state income tax. I would find Wyoming appealing because it has the lowest property taxes in the US. The sales taxes are pretty low as well and since it has so few people there are not many on medicaid and welfare.

Administrator answers:

Sure, it would be a good idea for tax reasons. I believe the overall cost of living is quite low, especially housing prices. But there are other reasons that I wouldn’t want to live in Wyoming that I think are more important than the tax situation.

To each his own, I guess.

I have heard that some people like to live in Washington near the Oregon border. Washington doesn’t have a state income tax, Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax.

Heck, you could move to Alaska. No state sales tax, no state property tax, no state income tax. For that matter, the state gives YOU money, from the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Donald asks…

How do I figure out which counties in Michigan have the lowest property taxes?

My boyfriend & I are looking to purchase our first home together. We’d like to get the most for our money, we’d like to find out what counties are the least expensive in property taxes. I have searched the web with my question and I can’t seem to find this info, but I know it must be out there somewhere. Any help would be much appreciated!!! Have a nice week!!! ;-)


Administrator answers:

Here’s a couple of places you might try. I grew up in SW Michigan, it’s a nice area. You might be better off in areas in the middle region of the state, a little bit away from the lakes and the large cities. Try the smaller cities, they’ve got a lot to offer.

As an added incentive also there is a special program offered only to residents of Kalamazoo Michigan that is paying up to 100% college tuition to graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools. More on that here… Http://

Here’s some sites to try to get info on taxes, costs of living and such for Michigan for you too.

This one is from the Michigan Dept of Treasury site, if you have an idea of where you want to live and approx $ of a home you’re interested in you can get an estimate on property taxes based on previous years returns for that area.


These are links to maps of the counties in the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan that you can click on the counties you’re interested in then the link will take you to a listing of all of the chambers of commerce for that county. From there most chambers of commerce sites will have info pertaining to the “quality” of life and statistics on cost of living in the area.


Other thoughts, try doing a search for a county government website for the specific counties you’re interested in. Then from their government website they sometimes have links to similar statistical info, or at least links to larger towns/villages/cities that will also usually have this info. Hope this helps.

Some examples of links for county/city government websites that might give you info you’re looking for:

I hope all this helps. As you can guess from my examples I am partial to the SW region of MI but I don’t honestly know how their property taxes relate to the rest of MI. Good luck. (and I’m jealous by the way, I wish I could move back there now, but am stuck here in NY for a few more years at least).

John asks…

If low taxes are what brings business to a state, why is Nevada’s economy so bad?

We have no state income tax, no corporate tax, very low property tax…

If conservatives are right, than our economy should be booming!

Administrator answers:

Your state was hit hard by speculative real estate investors from California and other places . The boom created tons of new jobs in construction , banking , insurance , title companies and other fields . The collapse of the housing market devastated your state because the budget increased as revenue decreased .
In addition , tourism has dropped dramatically because of the poor economy in the U.S. .

David asks…

I donate some staff every your to people to people organization can i get lower taxes?

I have heard that if you donate for ex. clothes you can get lower property taxes. It was exactly about Goodwill organization.
I keep donating some some little things like clothes or bag of food to people to people organization lets say once a year. Can i get lower taxes? Should i ask for receipt and than provide it HR block when doing my tax returns? Will it help somehow? or does it apply just to Good will org. and just to property taxes i am not home owner yet.
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

It isn’t worth the trouble to keep track of what you are donating because the tax savings would be trivial. As a practical matter, if you are not making mortgage payments as well, you will take standard deduction and it won’t matter anyway.

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