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Your Questions About Where Are The Lowest Property Taxes

July 8, 2012

Maria asks…

What areas in the USA have the LOWEST property taxes?

Are there certain states in the country that have generally lower property taxes than others? Or does it vary depending on the area, community, or even the house itself?

I mean, are property taxes even going to be the same for two houses that exist in the same subdivision?

I’m looking to purchase a home soon, and I wanted to buy in a location where I would have to pay the MINIMAL property tax. I work online, so I am flexible when it comes to moving.

Administrator answers:

Alaska has the cheapest property taxes…

Prop taxes can vary between two houses next to each other because the house value may differ, size may differ, proximity to fire station or hydrant differs, etc.

In short, cheapest prop taxes are in areas where there is little city facilities (fire station, police station, roads, schools, library) which raise the prop taxes

Joseph asks…

Where can I go online to find what states have the highest property taxes, or the lowest?

I am relocating from out West (Colorado), and while I know the cost of houses are cheaper in the Midwest, I have not yet taken the
cost of taxes into account. Thank you for your time.

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

where is a good place to move that has low property taxes and has large acres of waterfront property?

(10+ acres waterfront) i like boating and jetskiing so if its a lake it needs to be large (lake of the ozarks) and it needs to be waterfront.

Administrator answers:

Arkansas or Missouri…………..

Paul asks…

can someone tell me where is the best place to look for a home with low property taxes?

Administrator answers:

Arkansas or Alabama

Nancy asks…

What is the difference between homestead & non-homestead property taxes.?

We have non-homestead property tax. Now we are paying twice as much as what we where told the taxes where last year when we purchased our house. My friend says we need to change our taxes to homestead property taxes.

We live in Michigan…
What’s the differance? Can we just go & change our taxes? Does being under homestead property tax really lower my taxes? How do we go about it?

Administrator answers:

If the property is your primary residence (e.g. Not a rental property) go to the link below and file for homesteader’s exemption.


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