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Your Questions About Where Are The Lowest Property Taxes

April 19, 2013

Michael asks…

How can I determine which suburbs in my area have lower property taxes?

I am in Rolling Meadows, Illinois right now which I think is pretty good. I have heard rumours that Elk Grove & Des Plaines have lower property taxes due to having a larger Industrial/commercial area.
Anyone care to weigh in on this issue? Or at least clue me in to find out which burbs are cheapest?/

Administrator answers:

A simple call to the county tax assessor should be able to answer that for you.

Generally taxes are based on a county formula across the board, but different areas have different added extras, but they don’t usually add up to that much different.

Different types of property may be taxed different. You may live in a more commercial industrial area, but your residence will be taxed the same as other residences, not the commercial property.

Taxes are also usually based on the sales price/worth at the time of purchase.

The assessor should be able to answer it pretty quickly and with a lot more information that any of us ever could.

Good luck :)

Mark asks…

how to get property reassessed for lower property tax as price of home is less then county assessed value?

County property assessment for tax is much more then the Property was bought for few months back. How can I get the Property reassessment for lower Property tax?

Administrator answers:

On the back of your property tax assessment should be a form or instruction on how to dispute the property value assessment. Follow these procedure to file a protest. It may be accepted and your property value reduced upon review by the assessor.

If your protest is denied, you can still gather data to document your reduced value and appeal the denial to a county assessment appeals board, whose job it is to resolve property assessment disputes between the assessors office and the homeowner.

Good luck.

Richard K
Master Tax Advisor
HR Block

This advice is based upon the law in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts provided by you. See my profile for more details.

Sharon asks…

How do I lower my property taxes in California?

I live in Southern California and my property value has decreased quite a bit. How do I lower my property taxes now that my property isn’t worth as much?

Administrator answers:

I had the same problem and I used Its a $200 flat fee and they do all the work for you. It was easier than I thought and they guarantee that you will pay lower property taxes or your money back.

Its possible to do it yourself but they will:

• Prepare and submit the application for review of assessment.
• Perform a market analysis of your home’s present value.
• Conduct an evaluation of both your property and comparable
properties’ assessed value on the county tax rolls.
• Act as liaison/agent with county appraisers and all assessment
• Represent you at any hearing before assessment appeals board. saved me $1200 and it couldn’t have been easier.

Laura asks…

How do i lower property tax for living under the same address for 15 years?

I heard that if you live under the same address for more than 10 or 15 years you get to lower you property taxes. If it’s true, where do I go and what do I ask for? It’s hard to find any info online. I live in Cook County Chicago.

Administrator answers:

Taxes go up year after year. Not down.

Steven asks…

which american cities have the lowest property taxes?

Which American cities have the lowest property taxes? I’m only interested in large cities and am thinking about it from a real estate investment perspective only – not to actully live there. That in mind, I don’t care about cost of living or other taxes – just real estate taxes. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The state of Louisiana has, by far, the lowest property tax in the US. NY is the highest, closely followed by New Jersey.

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