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Your Questions About Where Are The Lowest Property Taxes

June 6, 2012

Ruth asks…

What state has the lowest property taxes?

After 20 years in the Military moving from state to state and country to country and after working overseas as a civilian for the last 10 years were ready to settle down and retire. We are now looking for a state to retire to that has low property taxes, not too cold of a climate, reasonably price homes, low crime and a city no larger than 500,000 people. We do not have any kids in school so the school system is not important to us. We lived in Texas and the property taxes are high, also lived in Georgia where the property taxes are not to bad. If we had a $250,000 home in your area what would the property taxes be?

Administrator answers:

Here is some info.-

Best and Worst States: Based on data from the 2002 census, the following five states have the lowest local property taxes per capita/year. They are Arkansas ($191), Alabama ($285), Kentucky ($376), New Mexico ($380), and Oklahoma ($425). The states with the highest local property taxes per capita/year are: New Jersey ($1,871), Connecticut ($1,733), New York ($1,402), and Rhode Island ($1,369).


Mary asks…

Where are the lowest property tax rates in Texas?

2-3% is what Ive seen in most places. What part of Texas has lower property tax rates?

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to look outside the cities into the counties. The city property taxes are much higher.

Laura asks…

Where has the lowest property tax/best value for a nice house,best city to be in?California{ideally} florida?

or texas?or any other recommendations?California especially socal is so expensive even in so-so areas houses are outrageous do you just pay tax when you buy a house or do you pay yearly?
Where can you get a nice 3 or 4 bedroom spacious House for about 300,000 ,i heard florida is cheap is that true?
Any information appreciated thanks!

Administrator answers:

Taxes are yearly, all states.

You can get a nice 3 bedroom for 300k in the central valley, such as Fresno or Merced.

Florida is not cheap, but cheaper then CA.

Ken asks…

lowest property taxes in Houston?

i’m wanting to buy a home in Houston and wanted to know where the lowest taxes are. i know Stafford has no property taxes and it seems like the Heights has pretty high taxes. is there any place i can check this kind of information or do you have any insight?
@ simpson – that i do
but how is it the Stafford has no property taxes when it resides in Fort Bend and Harris county?

Administrator answers:

The majority of Property Taxes are county based, not city based. So, if Harris County has high property taxes and Fort Bend County does not, then obviously you look for housing in Fort Bend County.

Sounds like you need a good real estate agent to help you with the local tax system.

Linda asks…

where is the best/cheapest place to buy land (lowest taxes)?

in a few years i wish to buy to buy a good portion of property somewhere in the us. several dozen acres, preferably forested , with a lake river or stream or even pond included. state doesn’t matter as i’m planning a move anyway.

where is the cheapest land w/ lowest property taxes these days?

thank you!

Administrator answers:

You go to this site will show you so many different land. Then you taxes will be lower when you put some live stock on your land.

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